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What Would Cause Or Make a Flashback Change?

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I have been stuck with the smell of fire for so long I am pretty used to it. Then it seemed after an overly stressful event I was seeing smoke and figured my mind is just back to getting something else to work me up. I have not had the sight again. But I have had the burn smell change on me and it got my attention as it is a new burn. I am smelling hair burning. A very distinct smell that I do not think can be confused with another. It does not send me running around trying to locate a fire but just confuses the hell out of me. I have had it a few times but none of the old smoke smells. Is my mind toying with me? It is like when certain symptoms of panic attacks come on. I don't always have them feel the same exactly one way all the time. The switch up can get a good rise out of me at times.

Just an "is this normal?" question and what causes it?
maybe its something else you smelt but hasnt been to the fore much before and now your working in a different smell, could be part of the same thing only not as dominant as the smell of smoke was before? just a thought
Actually good thought, thanks. May be on to something.
Well. Not sure I'm qualified to answer. However. Know for certain Evie has experienced changes in her flashbacks of late, though a bit different than your experience veiled. Hers tend to be visual. For example. Previously they involved her father in military uniform with a rifle. Lately they are her father in medical uniform with scalpels and syringes. Certainly for her, it's something to do with current events. She's had other slight changes to auditory flashbacks as well. Personally I believe it's normal.

Thanks Jim, sometimes it helps just knowing when something new is thrown your way you are not the only one.
The dizziness with the panic attacks is completely new for me. It's been hitting me like that for about a month now. I find they change all the time. I think it depends on what is going on and what we are panicking about. I think it's normal as mine have changed drastically over the years. They are much more sublte now yet much worse.. go figure...

Well see that is another thing my panic attacks and flashbacks do not always go hand in hand. That is one of the things I wondered about the change. It did not induce panic smelling regular smoke anymore so my mind had to find something new? As I got kind of used to the old ones and could blow them off and just know it meant I was a bit stressed too much.
Hi Veiled.

I have found my "burning smell" flashbacks have changed or adapted over the years I have had them. I have no recollection of the smell from the day in question, however it must have been present. Why our minds adapt these processes over time is something I would like to learn about. I think I said before, that my flashbacks are less frequent now but more severe. Specific smells trigger me into an uncontrollable "escape from here at once however you can" mode. The thing that angers me most is the fact that I cant be "prepared" to deal with the flashback, it happens instantly as I encounter the smell, its not like a location, which is easy to avoid. If anyone knows why or how flashbacks adapt over the years, could they share with us, please.
Sorry I dont have any specific advice, as I am just seeking information on the same subjects as you.
Yes, I think it is my mind finding new and different ways to mess with me.
If fire existed in your trauma, then it is a tell tail sign. If not, then it is a guide to possibly help uncover or be attached to another trauma. Flashbacks, nightmares, etc, are all ways our brain tells us something in particular is wrong. Some things cannot just be healed, the trauma must be healed and when dealt with, time must be allowed to just play out and heal some things for us.
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