Whatcha doooooooin'?


Is 12.36 noonish and am on the bus to the second of a 12 week ACT group for PTSD. It's a bit drizzly but not too cold. Very grey!

So am feeling fine though I've too thick a coat on really for the weather.

Looking forward to see how the session goes. I got the impression the bulk of the group don't like the facilitator or his suggestions.which could be a shame we'll see.

Very good job at distracting yourself from essay ;)


Wondering how to post a new thread on here. How do you make a new post?

Also my ?is sick so I had to take her to doc. Waiting..waiting..

Its official. I have PTSD. Last time I asked psychiatrist, he said that old doc had me down for more BPD than PTSD. So... Here I am, all broken. ?
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