When emdr wasn't cutting it, i began crm (comprehensive resource model). anyone else?

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Hi guys,
I was seeing therapist #1 for about two years when I was starting to feel a wave of desperation because I was still acting out in ways to push my boyfriend away despite just wanting more closeness. I spent months after the 1-year mark with my therapist doing EMDR with her and it got to a point where I wasn't able to cry in the EMDR sessions, and I thought that maybe it meant those particular traumatic memories weren't that strong and that they were easier to tackle in EMDR.
Now I know that I was dissociating to prevent me from feeling the intolerable, but ever since roughly October or November, I began seeing a second therapist for CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) and I'm finally able to cry during the processing sessions with her. I can also catch myself in a trigger and kind of "tuck it in" so it's no longer derailing my adult self.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has also tried CRM because I'd love to have someone to relate to. I've been feeling really isolated and depressed, trying to avoid anything that would trigger me.

For anyone who isn't familiar with CRM, google "newsweek trauma" and the first result should say "a radical new therapy...."
For anyone who's skeptical about CRM because it definitely sounds a bit "out there", the textbook is available online at amazon and it explains what exactly is happening in the brain with attachment disruption, trauma, dissociation, and how CRM resourcing helps heal attachment and integrate our previously cast-off parts.
Very interesting... and even more exciting, is to see that some 'out there' are doing their best to find ways to 'heal' this monster that lives within us.. Would have loved to have had this therapy available at the beginning of my journey... I would have done it in a heartbeat. Makes perfect sense to me, and I'm sure many others here... thank you for sharing this information..
The only part that makes me truly skeptical is the “explainig exactly what happens with your brain” business... as we don’t know enough about the brain to even come close to that.

I don’t personally see power animals as anything different from inner children, the critic, wise mind, calling on certain saints, etc.. A way to conceptualize certain traits together. In whatever phrasing rocks your boat. So I’m not really sure how this differs from IFS. But then, I don’t really think PE & SE have any truly noticeable differences, either, except for the words used to describe the process.
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Don't knock it until you read the book or try it. I just know that it can do what EMDR can't.
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