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When is PTSD Depression Too Much?

Discussion in 'Social' started by upstateboy, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. upstateboy

    upstateboy New Member

    I think I have reached my limit in a 4.5 year relationship that has been heavily burdened by my partner's 9-11 PTSD...he is in counseling, has tried every med in the book, knows that I would do anything/everything for him ... and yet, I don't seem to see any progress. Weekends are dominated by moping around and sleeping. Getting him to do anything outside the house requires and act of God and a crowbar. I love him and he loves me, I don't question that. I just don't know how much longer I can wait for something to change before I start to completely feel like I, myself, am going out of MY mind, too.
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  3. permban0077

    permban0077 Policy Enforcement Banned

    What do you see as progress and what does he? You go up and down. It has been years for my husband to see me be even close to normal. But he says he loves me no matter what and through this. No matter if I am laughing my ass off and something triggers me and suddenly I am in tears and shaking, he is still there. Like tonight...

    Sometimes this condition is too much for the other partener. No doubt and nothing to hold against someone who has not been through this. But you have to admit to yourself you cannot cope with this and seeing it. It can take years to even know what you have (a person with PTSD) and once you do years to get functioning... not better, just functioning. That is with treatment.

    I have put my husband through the limits and back. I have been through it too. I thank he has been through it with me. But if you can't do it then look at the bright side. It takes a helluva survivor to live with PTSD. He can do it without you if you cannot be there. If he could not he would not be alive with this condition. It does not matter who is around; your will to live is still just that.
  4. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    PTSD is certainly not just about the sufferer, but it affects all concerned, especially the spouses / carers of the sufferer. In fact, I would say that spouses often are the carer of a sufferer, because they simply fail to see what they must in order to heal themselves and get back into life. He must make a choice that he wants to beat this... and no, medication will not fix it at all. You have to make a choice also, to remain in this relationship or not, whether he heals or not.
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