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When okay becomes not okay to quickly

Y shattered

New Here
I realize that meeting him was what caused me all this to begin. It was this weekend a year ago that I was to nice. Too nice not caused but gave him the step up, the advantage to manipulate me and end up sexually assaulting me. When a touch becomes not okay and in the end your left putting what happened to you back together over and over again again. Then an unfriendly reminder of PTSD haunts you. Triggered byTriggers. Heart racing anxiety. Forgetting how to spell, forgetting passwords and PIN numbers. The place where it occurred my car. So it became unsafe. Flashbacks of him reappearing in the passenger seat. My life forever changed by one person, Being too nice and PTSD.
I’m so so sorry this happened to you. You didn’t deserve this and this was not your fault.
Are you in therapy? Have you told anyone?
You deserve help and support in this time.