When there isn't help or a way out


Struggling beyond words with dissociation and panic. Not really functional for two days. Can't keep food down and dizzy and so dissociated I keep losing track of what year it is. I know the trigger. I tried to go to the hospital but they declined an intake because I didn't appear to be in a crisis because I was so checked out.

I don't see a path out.


breathing with you, justme. . .

in hindsight, i often wonder if the too many times i have been in this position were my higher power's way of saying, "you've got this, girl. you can do this on your own."


Isn't there a samaritans or crisis line you can call? Do you have any family or friends that you can call? I'm really sorry that your having a tough time.


Here for you. I'm so sorry.

do any grounding techniques help you?

some churches have free counseling services it will be based on the Bible but they can really help in an emergency. No pressure or pushing just an idea.

keep us posted please


I don't see a path out.
The path out is the path forward. Which is the direction you're going, it's just that when we're in the thick of it, it feels like we're just plain lost. One foot in front of the other, in any direction, will inevitably get you out.
I tried to go to the hospital but they declined an intake
There's a bucketload of stuff that hospital offers that we can replicate at home. Peeling stuff waaaaay back to the basics: sleep, meals, meds, 1-2 distracting activities that help us get through an hour or so.

Everything else is bonus.

When I'm struggling with the impossibly dark and isolating and "can't do this anymore", I need to simplify things so that I'm doing days in hour long intervals, with the sole focus being on those core basics. Repeating that? Changes things for me at home the same as it changes things for me in hospital.

Then there's the SH and SI. When I'm in hospital, I (1) tell the nurses; (2) take the prn they give me; (3) do a distracting activity while I wait for the prn to kick in. It's harder at home, but honestly there isn't any kind of magical difference that hospital offers - whether at home or in hospital, ultimately it's the same - I have to not SH, no matter how much I want to.

Do you have prn you can take? That's the big one - if you can, get some extra, and use more than you ordinarily would. In hospital, they give you extra, because they want to let the meds make things as easy for you as possible. You're allowed to do the same at home. Be generous. As a short term-medium term aid to get through this? It's small fry in terms of issues.

Hope something in there helps. The mental health support in your part of the world sounds absolutely appalling, but most of the crisis support that a good mental health ward would offer? Can be replicated at home.