Poll Who Diagnosed You?

Who Diagnosed you?

  • A therapist or social worker?

    Votes: 113 42.3%
  • Psychiatrist

    Votes: 149 55.8%
  • Physician

    Votes: 27 10.1%
  • Other (self, family etc...)

    Votes: 49 18.4%

  • Total voters
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LOL, that is the way it is supposed to work.. however, in remote regions like mine it just doesn't happen that way. We have one pysch to service from the Manitoba border to Thunder Bay Ont. That is it, one. I'm on the waiting list just for the "paper" diagnosis (even though it is written all over my charts?) but services are provided if available with or without a diagnosis. Most people around here get a diagnosis from a doc or therapist as the pysch can be a year or more wait and he doesn't do anything but the diagnois. Gotta love remote areas...



Oh I wasn't thinking of remote areas, sorry Bec. I live in a city with a teaching hospital, and they train psychiatrists here, so there's over 20 practicing psychiatrists in the city, plus several residents. But yeah people from all over the province have to travel here for services. Some even fly in from the far north. I guess I'm lucky.
I pretty much diagnosed myself by coming here and seeing everything fit. But I have since been diagnosed by my Psychiatrist too, so I ticked both boxes :)


Haven't been diagnosed by a psychiatrist because I dont trust them and never told them enough (bad experiences). But a clinical psychologist (friend) first told me about 2/3 years ago. Have been told by a couple of therapists too.


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I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist. I had to fight like crazy to get into see one. My doctor kept insisting I was just depressed. I finally went to counselling just to see the psychiatrist. I was with him for half an hour and I was diagnosed.


My psychotherapist.

I only saw a psychiatrist a while to suss out the right meds. He wasn't really interested in diagnosing me in detail, because I'm in private psychotherapy, and he was NHS. I've since been discharged by the psychiatrist [mutual agreement].
The closest the psychiatrist seemed to get was saying I had 'depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other problems due to things that happened to me in my past'. I wanna see my medical records. Even then he didn't know the full story of all that has happened to me.
My therapist has diagnosed me with, and treats me according to, Complex PTSD.


when i was in the service a phyciatrist said i had situationl adjustment disorder. becouse i was having trouble adjusting to being raped and harrassed while i was pregnent. then in 86 my family dr. said he thought i had ptsd i got my offical diagnosis by the va in 98. but not my service conection until 2004


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Well i was diagnosed by my Psychiatrist who i call my confidant and he sent me for second opinion to another leading Psychiatrist to confirm it and who was impressed with me trying to act all professional and correct..didn't work though...not to mention the government departments with their Psychiatrist when they put me on my disability pension...who took all of 2 seconds...and to think of the people i come accross that so you are so confidant and strong..


I was "ordered" to see a military psychiatrist after a rape & he saw me at least 1x a week for a year before diagnosing me with PTSD, depression, & a few other problems.


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Hard call to make. The first time I knew of it, was when I self-diagnosed it. But then I found medical records that was showing I was diagnosed as early as 9. And all the schools and doctors did is drug me with Atarax, Ritallin, and Lithium. They could have removed me instead, but they didn't.
So they may not have caused the injury, but they allowed it to get far worse by their lack of action.


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Veterans area medical center

I had to supply my military discharge papers, any awards received during combat, and provide written background information as to the individual events. After all of the aforementioned was completed I was diagnosed with PTSD by a psychologist who worked for the Veterans Administration. I now see a therapist every other week and a different psychologist prescribes my meds.
I've been seeing doctors since I was very little and they all had some other explination as to what was wrong with me, all were rather messed up in my opinion. When I was 22 I started having intense flashbacks dealing with myself at a very young age and another young girl, when I say young I remember being maybe 5 or 6. I took this to my current doctor at the time and he said I was a pedophile for having those flashes so I left his office pissed off as ever and told him to go to hell. Then went to another psychotherapist that dealt with childhood abuse and asked him about those memories. He told me that I was likely to have been abused and he wanted to see more of me if I would allow him too. He was the first doctor to tell me I had PTSD and explained to me what it meant. He got me to open up about alot of things and I saw him for many years before he just vanished. Now I see a new psycho therapist that is very understanding. I am rather leery of doctors after the amount of torture I've go through with them. I'm glad to finally find a couple of doctors that I can trust.

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