Who else has a birthday/anniversary/celebration this month or next?! (Or however long this lasts?) Whatcha doin' for it since we're in quarantine?



Happy birthday, fellow anyone with a birthday (or whatever) this month or next or whenever! How's it going?? What are you doing to celebrate?

This is my birth month, and I'm going to bake myself a little cake and sleep in. Maybe catch up on some shows. I emailed my professor and told her not to count on my assignments coming in :P

I also have a few animals I can hang out with!

Y'all doing anything special? :D

Tornadic Thoughts

Happy(ier) days to you all!

"Every day is a holiday and every meal is a banquet." Grateful for the former co-worker who shared those words many years ago that struck a strong chord in my heart and helped me get through many hellidays and hard times. ❤

Today is the 13th wedding anniversary for me and the hubby. Been together for 18 years, altogether. I woke this morning to daffodils he picked for me and put in a mason jar with water, and a love note on the dry erase board.

I celebrated him with some homemade concoctions for pain relieving rub downs after a long day in the garden and yard yesterday. I make my own concoctions, cards, and write a little poem or whatever comes to my heart in the moment. Didn't need to leave home for any of the above.

Our area isn't currently locked down, nor have there been positive or presumptive positive tests reported, yet, so we decided to support a favorite local-ish business and call in some Thai food and drive to the next town to pick it up. You pay over the phone and they bring it out to your trunk. No other stops in between.

Once we got it home, we transferred it into our own containers, tossed the take-out containers into a trash bag that went out to the garage to head to the dump, and washed our hands really well, which is what we typically do when we get take-out anyway. Then we wished for at least another 13+ years to share and delight in each others company. May it be.
My poor kid turned 13 today. He was sick his last three birthdays in a row, and this year he's healthy but this (gestures to everything) happened.

He was supposed to have a sleepover with his best friends. Nope. My parents were going to be in town, too. Nope. We were supposed to have cake tonight with my in-laws. Nope. But we had cake at least.

Now he's watching a rented movie in the living room. We agreed to let him sleep there tonight, since for some reason he's been bugging us to let him sleep there instead of in his room. Ok, if that's all it takes to make you happy, go for it.


I did and it was the BEST EVER. No one remembered, dh did mid shower and came and found me and kissed me. No awkward unwelcome gifts . No discussions about it. I loved it.

DH might- If so I will bake a cake and suggest a conference video b’day party - supper online - with his family .

We have done breakfast with my sister in law via FaceTime in the past .