Who was your hero today?

Rose White

This is an activity to practice self reflection and gratitude. Tell about someone that made your day better.

Mine is: I appreciated two of my co-workers who had an open and frank conversation with me about our feelings on a sensitive subject. Felt good to connect with them that way.
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Honestly, my mom. Usually she’s crap for any kind of help but yesterday she took my trash out and though I was exhausted and wanted to leave it she helped me clean my kitchen, so today I came home to find a clean kitchen and a house that didn’t smell like garbage and I didn’t need to get the trash out. So my evening is now so much easier.
One of my nurses came to the apartment, checked my vitals, and brought me a case of strawberry Ensure. She advised me to water down the Ensure so that I can pass it down and we talked and joked around a bit. She is a good person and genuinely cares about others. I enjoyed seeing her today and she reminded me that I was not alone with my medical issues.

Barbara the Snow Lady who the students at my school created was my hero today.