Who was your hero today?

My hero today is my friend from work who is just a very nice person, always willing to help, a great friend, and just all around a good person. We used to work in the same department until recently. So whenever you move to a different position there is a huge learning curve so she’s been just extremely busy. Her husband has a job where he’s not home all the time like traveling and they don’t live close to family more than three hours away at least. And she’s a mother to a two-year-old too so I’m sure you can imagine how hectic her life is right now. I caught up with her today because I sent her a message wishing her a little boy a happy birthday, and she informed me that her father has cancer. He has a very rare very aggressive form of kidney cancer. And he’s in the late stages of it and she’s known for about a month. Her strength is just absolutely amazing and admirable. she is the type of person to call bull sh*t out and is very confident in herself, and I’ve always admired that about her. She is a great friend who has helped me and supported me, she knows about my struggles. I don’t know if I could quite keep it together like she has with all these things going on in her life, but she keeps powering through.
So since I been feeling empty like I'm just a walking corps I haven't eaten in two days just had some water. One of my coworkers asked how my life is going I decided to tell him. He had a banana and told me to try and eat and to just take small bits and not to pay attention to it but just talk. I was able to eat it even though after I wanted to throw up. I was able to hold it together. I'm thankful he showed worry with out forcing me to eat. I think maybe I should be around people more when I feel this empty it might help or it might not.
Me, myself, and I.

Adulting is difficult when ill, and yet I managed to take care of myself, my cat, and make it to an out-of-town appointment at the cancer center even tho I really didn't feel like it. Sometimes, I manage to beat the odds and muddle through even when it seems as tho I won't make it. And because of that, I have become my own hero.
My friend D was my hero today. My neighbor pulled a shitty move on me and I’m pissed about it and D said he totally understood. He understands wanting to run away and I do want to and I will some day, when my daughter grows up. Also my other friend who I vented to over text and she gave me a virtual hug.