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Why Are People Consumed By Politics?

Flying Dove

My veteran husband and it appears to me many others are consumed by politics. I got sucked back in too. But none of this insanity ever defined me as far back as my teens. It is like a huge curtain being swept away from me. I have made more progress in my personal goals too especially today.
Why are some people consumed by music, or movies, or social media, or science, or cars, or , or, or?

People have their passions, their obsessions, their likes & dislikes, their loves & hates.
dunno about your husband or any of his cohorts, but my shrinks claimed my social activism was a form of "deflection." they claimed it's far easier to solve wars on foreign shores than to visit the horrors of my life as a child prostitute. i might be ready to agree with them. maybe. i often miss the thrill of jumping tall injustices in a single bound. mother teresa's approach of just doing what is in front of you doesn't have enough police chases to soothe my style.
I've come back to this thread a few times. What exactly does the word "consumed" mean? I consider myself a well-educated citizen who stays up-to-date on current events and on what is happening globally. I can participate in an intelligent discussion or debate about important world affairs. That include political issues. I think that means I'm informed, not consumed. I can list several reasons why some of us stay well-informed about politics and enjoy an exchange of ideas about them: the families we were raised in, the "levels" we were put in for school, what field our degree is in, what our friends/co-workers/spouses enjoy discussing, what our children ask questions about/find interesting/ want to study, what part of the country we live in, what are the big issues where we live, how we want our children to perceive what kind of citizens we are, what direction we hope to help our country go in, etc.
I’ve noticed this in my own personal circle. People who never gave two craps before have in the past few years become very, very zealous on both ends of the spectrum.

I largely believe it has to do with having constant information available. Sure, internet and TV have constantly talked about the news for decades now. But it’s never been so in your face and at your fingertips every.second.of.every.day like it is now. Not to mention, there’s the guilt of not getting involved. Again, on both ends of the spectrum, there’s a lot of shame towards people who “aren’t paying enough attention” so I think there’s multiple driving forces.
I think it's easy to slide into obsession before you realise. Something that can be a legitimate interest can spiral.

It's noticing it. And changing behaviour that is key.

I used to, when major events were happening like some natural disaster, or an election or a terrorist event, watch the news constantly. I would stay up all night. Have the news on whilst working from home etc.
And then I realised that wasn't healthy. And I wasn't learning new things, I was just reinforcing feelings. I was feeding off it. Prolonging feelings of anxiety and fear etc. seeking it out.

So, in the start of the pandemic when I realised this. I gave my TV away. So I now just read the news online to stay alert to what's happening. But I feel much better being away from the constant stream. Because most news is actually propaganda rather than reporting facts. Most news is reporting facts from a particular ideology that then turns it in to an opinion dressed up as a fact, which reinforces the feelings of fear and anxiety.
Mark Mansen says people are wired to give a f*ck about something and some people aren’t intentional about what they give a f*ck about so it’s whatever they hear or see rather than actually doing something with their time and energy to make a difference in the world.

I think about this a lot. For example, my mother-in-law doesn’t do anything besides read romance novels, and go to church and women's bIble study. Her kids (except my husband) don’t talk to her. So what is she left to give a f*ck about? Shitty things like building plans and traffic in her city, controlling others, etc.

People need a cause, they need to feel like they make a difference, they have a fragile sense of importance. Some people don’t go out to do something good so they just ruminate on all the bad.
My veteran husband and it appears to me many others are consumed by politics. I got sucked back in too. But none of this insanity ever defined me as far back as my teens. It is like a huge curtain being swept away from me. I have made more progress in my personal goals too especially today.
This happened today. I am partly responsible but I realized things about me. Things I have been dealing with processing talking about in therapy. I pretty much do not look at current events. I have learned things about corporate media- undue influence coercion etc. This am I did ask my husband -the veteran doomsday prepper- what the latest event was. Trigger warning- Israel is digging up the graves of deceased gazans.I am immediately made a comparison of Israel to the nazis. I learned that the IDF is indoctrined into false ideology- that they are right to do this. Oh God. Transgenerational trauma. It does not have to happen. It can be stopped. Husband and I were going to have me practice with an air gun. Suddenly I realized I do not and can not do this. Totally against who I have become. Including living in fear. I have a good stun gun. That is more than sufficient. We live in a small NM town less than 3000 people. We are 3+ hours away from Albuquerque where we used to live. That city is in bad shape.we are 4
+ hours away from Phoenix AZ. So when I called off the practice session he said what about when 10000 show up here? Who will help defend me? My God. I will not do such a thing or engage in this thinking. I was raised in a church by strict dysfunctional parents who taught- forced on me- that only certain people are God's people. among other things. Fear the lord etc. Brainwashing. My chapter 13 bankruptcy for medical expenses related to bacterial meningitis of my brain is over. I received letter from the court trustee and attorney. No more payments. Awaiting discharge. This bankruptcy is what caused my father to try and force his way into my apt because my creditors were calling him. I was at risk of a seizure and I was getting help and treatment from DV organization. I got the court to grant an order of protection. It is all over now. My father lives 1900 miles away. He will soon be 87. I do not the control world events. I am not going to live in fear. My husband has frightened me again. I have learned the media has the ability to broadcast events that are not real to affect the election. Run on banks riots govt officials being hospitalized. What has frightened me about my husband is his over reacting or reacting when staying safe letting go to ride something would be a better alternative. I am not in denial about the world issues. So I ask my husband this question. I am again to blame. He says he will hide behind a couch when they come. Or if they come to our car do not let our dogs-2 pitbulls and my documented ESAs - out to save me. ( my husband) I am frightened again. I love him and our life. . I am the one that has the income as well. He retired. For now., Any comments insights welcome. My next appt with my therapist is this coming thursday.