Why do I only remember the bad things?


Memory is an odd duck. I for example have extremely limited memory of my childhood but that is not my subject for today, it would take a book.

Whenever I think back to an event that was wonderful I immediately remember and focus on the one thing that was wrong and let it consume my memories. Example, my wife and i ran a tour operating business for 10 years. We managed private trips all over the word for affinity groups of 100-300 people. We probably did 50 of these trips, they were very popular and people had a great time. My memories of specific trips only focus on the things that went wrong, even if the trip was hugely successful?

I wish that my memories were more complete and embraced some of the joy in my life as opposed to only the negative thoughts, maybe I only deserve that or maybe my mind is so broken that this is all it allows.
I think this is very normal for us folks with PTSD. The specific way in which our brains are broken makes it easy to recall negative memories, difficult to remember positive ones.