Relationship Wife needs advise please help me

My husband of almost 20 years has just been awarded with 100% PTSD disability. Since then he says he doesn't need me any more and that without him I'd be nothing and that he intends to take all the money put of our joint account and disappear. He has been becoming very abusive to me on a daily basis. I am 66 and hate the thought that now that he gets all this extra money I'm of no use to him except to clean, take care of all of his needs, take all this abusive treatment. Does anyone know what I should do?


Does anyone know what I should do?
1. Hire an attorney.

Family law. Have them walk you through what’s legal, what’s not, & what your options are.

This may be a temporary thing. This may be for real. Either way? You need/deserve/rate an expert to walk you through Best-to-Worst case scenarios & protect your interests.

2. Hire a therapist. Same sort of deal, an ally in your corner, whose sole interest is your best interest.