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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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The entire team here at MyPTSD want to wish all of the members and guests here a very happy Christmas and New Year.

It can be a hard season for many of us, I know. It's my hope that you can all come to this site when you need a refuge, and reach out to peers here for knowledge, support, and connection.

None of us is alone.

Be well, breathe in the cold - or warm - air (depending on your hemisphere), and keep taking it one day at a time!
Happy Christmas to all.

Patchîng new good safe memories over the old ones.

When I succeed in this, and yesterday already went pretty good, victory is mine!

A very big thank you to every person who makes this website a safehaven.

Best port in the universe to harbour when navigating going in, being in or coming out of the storm.

Peace y'all
Just now seeing this thread... I am so grateful for this site, all the mods and staff here, all the members, those I have made long-time friends with and all the learning and growth I have achieved is mainly due to this site, the online journal, and my peers..... Love you all and hope you had a great holiday and have a wonderful new year.
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