Words and Sayings Unique to Your Country/Culture


And a whole lot of our daily interaction is spiced with movie quotes, the more obscure the better, sometimes. Everyone will get "wait, you want to make a time machine out of a Delorean?". But if you say "It's a time machine Napolean, we bought it online" you will have established a link with your much smaller but more receptive audience.
And thats the fact, jack.


Unfortunately movie quotes are a specialty of ours partly because we have autistic children who never really learned to talk but learned what we called movie talk.

This was exacerbated by technology so movies at home, first on VCR, and books on tape.

So now I can quote whole swaths of dialogue from a host of movies and sing the songs from dozens of musicals. Plus the books. Treasure Island by Stevenson is an all time favorite, having been somewhat nautical at different times.

We have even cautioned each other not to do it because you can be in conversation and spewing movie dialogue the other person isn’t aware of. I do this often.

“Jim matey, the rum.”


Loonies (Dollar Coin)
Twonies (Two Dollar Coin)
Double double - Coffee Two Cream Two Sugar
Tim's Run or Timmies Run - Trip to Tim Hortons for coffee doughnuts, Timbits, or sandwiches. Usually done by a masochist who likes carrying 20 coffee's and other stuff.
Double Toasted Everything Bagle with herb and garlic cream cheese - Something that can make a Canadian start drooling while on vacation in Kentucky and someone asks "Have you ever had a..." Next worse is Cinnamon raisin Bagel toasted with butter.

There is also the "pay for the guy behind you" at Tim Hortons. Somebody starts this ridiculous thing and it can last all day at the drive through. Usually it starts with police or emergency services behind someone but it doesn't have to. At the one closest store it has gone all day sometimes.


That’s right, a monback is the guy behind the truck that’s backing up, “monback, monback, that’s good”. I believe a hurian gopee would be similar in nature to construction worker slang for a portable toilet, we called it a willie make it. Similar to “ an urgent haircut” , road trip code for “not to be an alarmist but find me a toilet soon please” made popular by the car talk show on NPR.


There is also the "pay for the guy behind you" at Tim Hortons. Somebody starts this ridiculous thing and it can last all day at the drive through.
I assume a Tim Hortons must be a fast food chain. I have been the recipient of a free meal at the drive through but figured it was because I had a suv full of football players and there was a team fan in the car ahead. I didn’t know I was supposed to pay for the car behind me, or that it was something you Canadian folks do. Pretty cool I guess, you are well behaved up there!



Fish & Chips
Chicken & Chips
Steak & Chips

…are all supposed to be XYZ + French Fries.

It’s always so vexing when a bag of lays potato chips -or worse, housemade so they’re proud of the disappointing disaster on your plate- is discovered in its place. It’s not like the waitstaff haven’t had this happen often enough to know their tip is effected by how WTF?!? 😦 their table is at the quality of their meal. Which takes a steeeeep downturn when you’re expecting hot, delicious, salty French fries… and end up with a cold pile of “I like you when I want you, not now!” potato chips. Give me some warning so I can choose to order something else or not, and nope, your tip will still be safely elevated. Surprise me & watch it plummet.

Sadly, these are the only 3 instances I can think of where having “chips” & “crisps” as distinctly different things would come in handy.

UNLIKE all you states where every soda is a “coke”. No. Not every soda is a coke. A coke is a coke. Now pass me a Kleenex? Got a Band-Aid?