Words or phrases of Courage, Hope or Inspiration- we used today!


Sometimes, I get travel weary on this journey of PTSD and other disabilities or diseases that I have. I reached out in an FaceBook Group and asked what mantras, sayings, verses even lines from commercials or movies 😂 that they used to hold onto courage, hope, moving forward, ect… for inspiration. I felt perhaps as we have many seasoned members here as well… I would ask this of this board. If you would like to share your thoughts of strength, I would love to read them and learn. Thanks and take care!
Here are a few of several that I learned of late:

*You are not the darkness you endure. You are the light that refuses to surrender.

*When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes
tend to think
you’ve been buried.
Perhaps you’ve
been planted.

*Just do it! (Gotta love Nike).

Please add yours if you would like! Thanks