Work and therapy - offered better job with no flexibility in schedule

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I was working a job with flexible schedule.
I recently got offered a better job with no flexibility in schedule.
My T is a 45 min. drive from work.
It seems like i wont be able to see T anymore. His schedule has few openings mid day. Which is impossible for me. All evening spots are taken. First morning appt is at 9am , which is not possible either.
How do you manage your work and therapy appts ?
How can i ask my T if he can accomodate me, even though i know his schedule is full. I can do late evening only :( he doesnt sit on weekends.
Feeling happy and excited about the new job and sad that i may not see T anymore.


Ask for him to consider letting you know when an evening spot opens up, assuming a standard evening slot would work for you. Could you go fortnightly and maybe ask your employer to accommodate a late start or longer lunch hour to enable you to attend a health appointment?

I’ve always worked flexibly but my availability is very restricted now so I have a pretty fixed time to see my T. If we do need to cancel she’ll often offer a weekend time though she doesn’t do weekends as standard but she knows my diary is very tight just now. I’m very lucky.


How can i ask my T if he can accomodate me, even though i know his schedule is full.
By explaining about the job and then asking if there's a way you can work things out. You're assuming you accurately know his schedule and what he's willing to do, aren't you?

On the flip side, how inflexible IS your work? Would they let you skip lunch & leave early, for example? That's find to depend on the nature of the job and the work climate at the company, I suppose.


I’m in a similar boat with an upcoming intensive 10 week internship this summer. They know my diagnosis and history because of the nature of the work, but I have to decide if it’s safe/wise to ask for accommodations for my therapy and other medical appointments. While I’m still deciding, I found out there’s the option to work 10 hour days to have Fridays off. If I can physically manage it, I wouldn’t have to explain or request anything and could schedule therapy accordingly. Is there any chance of something similar at your work?


How can i ask my T if he can accomodate me, even though i know his schedule is full.

1. The worst that can happen is that he says “no”, which changes nothing = exactly where you are at right now.

2. Letting other people make their own decisions, instead of deciding for them, is a show of respect. >>> You ask. They answer. >>> Instead of not asking, because you’ve already decided what they’re thinking/ feeling/ willing to do or not do.

3. Between Yes & No, there are actually a lot of intermediary answers. Like them doing phone meetings with you, or recommending a colleague, or putting together a transfer packet of info for a new therapist, or transitional appointments while you see exactly how inflexible our new schedule really is, or, or, or. By simply cutting them out of the process you lose a lot of potential help & avenues of support.
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