World Gratitude Day 9.21.19 What are you grateful for?

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World Gratitude Day is on the 21st of September. What are you grateful for?

After thinking about list is longer than I would have imagined.

I am grateful that....
1. the active abuse has subsided after a year and a half.
2. I had a T that was super helpful and caring, that kept me going.
3. my father finally died and is at peace.
4. I have made it this far..... to retirement.
5. I now understand what causes the fog/dissociation and can work to counter these defenses-cause I don't need them.
6. I can acknowledge my parts, respect them, communicate with them.....and the result is that life is getting easier.
7. I have a place to live, food, shelter, and I am comfortable.
8. I have a super friend who has been there for me.....


Those are big things @TruthSeeker

1. That I am incredibly fortunate to have a relationship with my husband. His love, friendship, support, compassion and kindness and calm confidence are beautiful things to model.

2. My friends. I take few into my heart of hearts. I miss feeling ‘extrovert’ but the friends who I feel safe with are people with broad minds and big hearts.

3. My home. For a start I have one, so I think I should feel automatically grateful that our household income supports a secure home.

3. The luck to live in the developed world in a time of comparative peace. Stuff is pretty bleak sometimes and I might feel that the war I am in is with society but I don’t also have to worry about terrorism too routinely. I remember having more concern when younger. Now the issues might hurt but the fear of warfare on ME doesn’t.

4. Being able to laugh again. Seriously; silly animal pictures? My dog playing with her toy this morning. If we are feeling all the feelings, the good ones deserve space too; and laughter and delight should feel reachable. For a year or more I wasn’t sure that would come back at all

4. I am watching chamomile flowers in the breeze on a pretty day. I think seeing things like that is something to be grateful for.


My son and mom.
My friends, of whom I can count 1, maybe 2.
My home and yard
My ability to garden
My wonderful chickens
That I was able to cash in my pension to get a truck.
Many more things. I usually keep a daily gratitude journal but I've stopped because of my downward spiral. This is giving me the motivation to start again. Thank you for the thread.


My new family. They have treated me as if I have always been there and I belong. For once I truly feel loved.

My kids.

My home. There are plenty of people without one.

Food. Same as above.

Health. Again, same as above.

The fact that I'm learning that I have more control over my life than I thought. This one is hard for me but I'm getting there.
I'm grateful I don't have to keep a gratitude journal anymore. Yes, I've read all the articles that say that keeping a gratitude journal is the one weird trick that will automatically and instantly make your life wonderful and you'll always be happy forevermore. I must have been doing it wrong, because it didn't do shit for me.
It's really about reaffirming base points with which to scan/view/perceive day to day events.
You could do that in any way, not just with a gratitude journal. I have the same five or six points of gratitude all the time. If I tried to add any more than that, I'd be lying to myself which is why a journal is pointless for me - it's just the same things over and over and over.

The Albatross

The same things over and over are indicative of the limitations of personal perspectives or the way the world is viewed. It's kinda based on the premise that it is beneficial to learn how to shift or scan for views or perceived day to day events.

It is though good though that you don't "lie to yourself" about it... there might be a lesson though in the "it's just the same things over and over and over" bit.

My mom reads hers backwards from the last entry on when depressive. I am just genuine in my own and value more being authentic... it ain't online so I don't skew it toward public viewing.

Still gonna think about it and respond by the "day"... I actually like that it's a "global" idea.


Not Active
Being able to laugh, several times.
Sense of humour, maybe especially in hard times.
Anti depressants (fingers crossed)


@somerandomguy , I like thinking of something I'm thankful for at the same time I'm afraid, or weary, or in a sense cursing something down, or feeling the opposite. I attach it after the negative one, even if only ever-so remotely related. After a little while I found it very helpful, maybe it might be for you, too? (Like here you might think, ~ I am grateful I can be honest here about what I really think of gratitude journals.)
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