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My therapist is getting ready to do teleconferences. I have asthma and an allergy / cold with normal allergy / cold symptoms so haven't gone to see her since I started feeling congested. My sponsor commented on me being socially isolated and should get out and be with people more often before this mess.

Guess my social isolation is now a skill. Now it is socially acceptable to keep distance, say nope to events and I guess this will be hard for extroverts and people who need people around all the time. The rest of the world is starting to experience what those of us with avoidance issues feel. People eww.

I'm in contact with several friends from europe and getting daily updates on how things are in their countries. My friends in Italy are in hardest hit area. They have been on lockdown and this is day 25. Grocery stores still have food etc. They supposedly will have things lifted April 3rd but won't be surprised if that changes. Hospitals in Lombardia are overloaded and doing best they can. Its true sometimes they have to make the hard decision about who they are most likely to be able to help, and who they most likely can not.

I am hoping we will be prepared better than they were. My city had its first case a few days ago. And our governor closed things early. Hoping that helps. Hugs and hope everyone stays well.


Chinese officials say a Japanese drug used to treat influenza is effective in treating Covid-19. Patients who had tested positive were given the medicine tested negative for the virus after about f our days after becoming positive, instead of about 11 days for those who were not treated.

Warrior Chicken

Hypervigilance win:
Went to the store yesterday (to pick up a package, no stockpiling) pulled in the lot and a fellow walked past my car carrying 2 packs of TP. All good.
Went in the store, got package, looked around for a minute on shelf status, saw the sign on the TP shelf “Limit 2 per customer”. Most people had bundles under their arms. All good.
Departed store, notice same fellow from earlier leaving with 2 more packs. Hmmm not good.
Stopped him (polite as possible).
“The sign says 2 per customer. When I entered the store you were in the lot with 2 already and a bag. That’s 2 extra packs someone else might need”
His reply: “it’s not for me”
Me: “I can’t disprove that, but you have 2 already. The reasonable thing is to share what you have and come back for 2 more tomorrow”
He nodded, turned and went back in the store.
Don’t know if he waited for me to leave or if he returned them. But message sent.

Sometimes taking note of everything in your environment can be a good thing ?


Lots of fake news popping up on Facebook now. I managed to shut down one little branch this morning, gently pointing it out to a friend who shared it. One of the ‘My doctor friend says...’ posts about ibuprofen and these mythical 4 kids in hospital, who change countries depending on which post you read. The friend deleted the post, so I guess she got the message.

Big deal for me, risking an outcry on social media- I won’t even do that here.


I don't have to worry about social isolation, I'm planting so much this year I'm exhausted. I'm working on the raised beds in the front yard today, planting more onions, broccoli, spinach and kale. Yikes, so many seedlings! So many chicks! I'm moving my rooster chicks out front until they crow, then out to a friends farm. Except for a black copper maran. Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to feed several neighbors this summer.
I tried to take my kids to the park only to discover everyone else had the same thought. There were hundreds of people there! What happened to isolating? The only reason I was there was because I figured no one else would be there. How wrong I was. We came home and played in the yard instead.

Uh ... Is anyone else struggling with thoughts that the coronavirus will inevitably kill you? No panic, just a sense of inevitability. I know it's not logical, but that's what's happening with me right now.


My apartment complex decided to hold a big pre-leasing event for leases 6 months out via large crowds in the parking lot no precautions. They claimed public health authorized it because its outdoors. 100+ people. They screamed at worried residents. Why the yelling? They can not scream the virus away. I started to get upset watching it from a distance. I contacted public health who specifically told them to stop. They were agitated too, telling me they were told the event was canceled. I told them I didn’t care what there were told were were send emails late last night warring us of crowds today for the event as why they couldn’t handle regular matters today and I’m looking at the crowd... public health was furious and apparently did something to shut it down. They got really agitated too. Lots of fight in people these days. They said any further events and they will fine them as soon as the legal permission to fine them goes through.

My respect for the complex was lost. I’m worried this call will come back on me but I was upset watching them scream at residents public health approved an event of 100 people but yet none of us can go to work or school? Lying liars who lie and somehow think residents are dumb as can be. There is being uneducated... then there is willful neglect for safety and lying. They were point blank told to cancel it, point blank said they would to public health and then the same person emailed all residents it would happen. Why? Well people need homes. These leases - all of them - start in August. They are not emergency or even current leases for the next 6 months. Damn fools. I hope they learn fast. Stop being assholes. Just shut crap down and respect worried people and don’t freaking lie.

Things like this zap my hope.


Things like that can be helpful in terms of reducing fear about the unknown, and I think it is a good thing with some caution. They are also finding a lot of variance in symptoms and severity. It could lead to a false sense of security that because my symptoms don’t look like so and so... I’m ok, when someone isn’t ok. Some get no shortness of breath, others no fever, etc. the virus has already mutated into two strains as well. They used to think the young don’t severely ill, but the data on that is changing too and they are now issuing warnings specifically for healthy millennials. They are basically telling the public here if you are sick with any viral symptoms or anything else, assume you have it and stay home as if you had it. They also are telling everyone else to assume they are a carrier and follow all precautions as if they are an asymptomatic carrier. I fear more deaths occur before a lot of people listen.
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Rani G2

Just another candidate here who is concerned..

Worked in the clinic last week and came home with bronchitis..(Cough Variant asthma) Bronchitis is nothing new to me so I‘m used to similar coughing styles. As I have no fever my GP says she is quite sure that I don’t have COVID-19. Woke up at 4 am and coughed for an hour..
self isolation and trying to stay stable