News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

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I rang Queensland Health, and unfortunately there is no assistance available. They suggested that I get friends to assist. I said I am the one that looks after everyone that our street is a lot of 70s, 80s, 90s. She said that they didn't have to have contact with me. Which is true but they are all too scared, frail, user walkers & unable to carry things. I said I was coughing two days ago. I don't think going out is a wise idea. I said I don't need to get tested because it's so mild it won't change treatment. They said they didn't think Woollies or Coles would reopen their home delivery and said it was okay for me to go to the shops. This person had less knowledge on the situation than I do. And the first person said it's good I was not going to leave the house. But the second person was an idiot. I mean she said to me that no one can predict this type of thing and I said that there was literally an office set up to manage Pandemics which had been closed and when I was at university they said it was not if but when a pandemic would come. I am not leaving the house. I said you know it may or may not be Covid19 but there will be elderly, frail and immune compromised people that will need to leave the house to get food, even a normal cold or flu could be bad for those people. But anyway that was annoying. I don't want anyone coming here. I can't do much but I can at least have no social contact except with B. It's really annoying.


I can't do much but I can at least have no social contact except with B. It's really annoying.
That does count though - for a lot. I think it's hard, when you're used to doing for others/helping care for others, to practice stepping back from that. What I'm hearing your say is that you're worried for your neighbors, but are also allowing yourself to be a priority in this time. That's a good thing.


I don't want to move. It takes so much time and work setting up a new desk. He comes in after me and they said sit every other desk. Not sure why he keeps sitting right next to me! Its frustrating. I keep saying in our team chat "remember to sit every other desk guys" but yet he comes in everyday at 10am, over an hour after I get there, and sits right next to me! Ugh! I'm gonna have to go in early (earlier then usual) and find another desk that has a Veridesk (rising desk) that I can sit at. This isn't good.
Ugh! I just feel like the squeeky wheel. I have spoken up about so many things. I just feel like I am gonna be viewed as a constant complainer. I can move. But no one is sitting every other desk and we need to.
Looks to me like, you making the effort to move desks would be just as good as - possibly better than - standing your ground and insisting that the other guy move. The directive is "every other desk", and you could make that change as well, seeing as both you and he have desks you typically go to, but those habitual desks aren't conforming to the 'every other' rule. It seems like you're hung up on who should move, rather than letting yourself just solve the problem and move...


My friends in Italy are trying their best to stay positive. But they have seen army trucks bringing the dead from next town over for cremation and burial. It was a lot of trucks. They are late 20s early 30s and showing signs of depression. So I gave him a list of what I do that helps. My friends and I are all in different countries. And are trading memes etc to lift each other up.

From Portugal we were sent photos of idiots on the beach and walking in crowds as my friend was out just to shop. In every country I have a friend there is the toilet paper madness. Stores have shorter hours. Those that can, work from home.

My state is mandatory stay home unless essential personnel. Doctors, grocery stores, drug stores etc. And also exempt from the stay at home order are carpenters and anyone else who works in construction. Which is my husband. I have asthma. We both have some kind of cold. Our state it is tests for just health care workers and those with worsened symptoms. I have spoken to a friend who is a nurse and she says I most likely don't have it but I am taking precautions to clear my lungs as needed. Sorry for anyone having difficulties an / or sick hugs from afar.

And now some advice from an Italian grandmother


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There is no place, other then inside my apartment, where I can take off my clothes.

I know it’s Florida, but can you dress in layers? (I wear layers even in the middle of summer.) I live in an apartment, too, and have decided to strip off my outer layer before I enter my apartment. I’d just be down to a cami and bike shorts, so nothing scandalous. ? My clothes would then be immediately washed. I’ll end up doing more laundry, but if it helps keep me safer, so be it.

Demanding timelines and symptoms and even asking med lists and making demands I see a doctor and go to the ER now and on and on.

I think many people just aren’t staying fully up on the latest news (or heck, even the basics). Many don’t understand that you shouldn’t be seeking medical assistance until symptomatic, as tests are in short supply and doctors can’t do anything for you unless you are to the point of having difficulty breathing and needing a respirator. Fingers crossed that the upcoming drug trials show positive results.

I have to use FB a tiny bit, but if could get totally away from it I would.

I’ve found that Facebook is very toxic right now, and I haven’t really been on it much at all. People yelling at each other, getting nasty, etc. I know it’s best for me to stay away.

Anyway, in addition to that, my throat started to get scratchy and I had to clear my throat often about lunch time.

Allergies? This is how my allergies started a few weeks ago. My allergies made my not quite cured from January bronchitis flare up again, so I was able to get another round of antibiotics. I’m coughing a lot less, so hopeful that I am finally kicking the bronchitis to the curb this time.


There are websites online suggesting ways to make a mask at home. CDC even suggests this as an option when there isn't any other. There are other websites showing how to make a face shield in conjunction with a homemade mask out of a binder sheet. It's unknown how well any of these will work. No reliable source claims they will work well, or at all, but rather they are an option of last resort to try to do something to create a barrier.

From a hospital in China: Here’s a DIY Way to Make Your Own Protective Face Mask

From Forbes, with links to a variety of sources of info: Calling All People Who Sew And Make: You Can Help Make Masks For 2020 Healthcare Worker PPE Shortage

Another example: Hospital workers design their own face masks, using craft supplies