Worried Sick Literally Over My Dog


Hi everyone,

I just needed to get this out.

My dog ate a treat that I let him have yesterday that was way too rich for him (I should have thought about it better, but hindsight is 20/20).

Within an hour he was vomiting and having diarrhea. We took him to the emergency vet at 8PM and didn't get out of there until 12AM. My husband and I slept in shifts because they told us taking him home would allow him to get more rest, but if we couldn't commit to having at least one person awake to watch him at all times, they would recommend hospitalizing him because of how he was acting while in the vet's office.

The emergency vet said it's likely pancreatitis, but she wasn't getting clear results so she told us not to feed him until he sees my regular vet. My regular vet just called me and said their only opening is at 4 PM this afternoon, and it is still early morning here.

My husband just went to bed an hour ago after letting me sleep a little longer than agreed because he said I looked exhausted, so I don't want to wake him because he's the one that drives us. I am just beside myself. I've literally worried myself sick over this because it was my decision to let him have half that treat (nausea, vomiting, etc). I'm just wracked with guilt.

The emergency vet said I shouldn't feel guilty and that she's confident he'll pull through. He had diarrhea again this morning, and he's sleeping on a towel on the bed with my husband now because I spoil him because he's my baby.

I'm just not handling it well and the physical symptoms I'm getting from the anxiety and waves of panic are making it worse.


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I'm sorry that your dog is going through this. He probably recieved intravenous fluids at the emergency vet last night which will let his pancreas rest. Follow their instructions and do not feed him yet.
Vets and pet emergency work similar to people. They would not have sent you home if they thought he wouldn't make it to a vet appointment. The vet would have referred you back to emergency as well.
I know this is stressful especially if it's the first illness in pets you've experienced. Just try to remain confident for your dog's sake and follow the vets instructions.
Research pancreatitis in dogs to help gain a basic understanding and feel free to ask your vet any questions.
Giving IV fluids may seem scary at first but, most pet owners say it becomes easier with practice. The same with diabetes tests and treatments.
Hang in there. One day you may look back on this experience with a few fond memories. I hope your dog feels better soon. Probably already does a little since last night. Good job getting him immediate care when he needed it. That can be a hard call sometimes.


It sounds like you've done everything you can to rectify the situation. You made a mistake by giving him/her the treat but you've learnt from it. There's no question about your devotion to your dog. Try not to worry to much and just try to follow the vets instructions.


We were able to feed him a teaspoon of plain cooked rice (cooked with water) per the vet's instruction to tie him over until we get to the vet in 1.5 hours. He has slept most of the day next to me, and I haven't move much because when I move semi permanently from an area he will follow me.


Hey guys,

He is over the "hump" so to speak. They gave us a bland canned dog food with instructions to feed him a teaspoon every half hour until we give him the next round of medicine, then to bump it to 2 teaspoons every half hour tomorrow for the morning. If he does well, we can start cutting it with regular food and he should be back to regular food by the next day after.

He's already acting better and is pretty upset that he only gets a teaspoon at a time, so I'm feeling a lot better, too.


Hey, @Chitoshi , I'm really glad to hear that both you and pupper are beginning to feel better.

I understand the feeling of guilt. The important takeaways are what you learn from this situation, and the way you responded with care first and immediately when you realised something was wrong.

That is what matters now; that, and taking as good care of you as you are of pupper.
Strength and ease to you.