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Would be helpful to not feel alone - Okay when busy; but when alone, silence surrounds, & never follow through on plans.

Does anyone feel like I do, I'm ok when I'm busy but when I'm alone and their is silence surrounding me I feel like no one understands my pain. I make these big plans but never follow thru with them.
@Jennifer Revoal Yup! You are not alone. Like Tinyflame said, start with a very small step. For me I keep trying to remember to take ONE step at a time.

I play this quite frequently (on repeat) if I start getting frazzled and frustrated while in the middle of plans.

“Keep Busy” with PTSD usually points towards distraction (coping mechanism) or avoidance (symptom).

It is incrediably common for people with PTSD to have 10,000 “projects” in various stages of completion, to turn towards workaholism, or hyper-socialising… all feeding those needs/wants/desires to fill the silence.