Wrong therapist?


Ever feel like your therapist just isn't right for you? I don't know, the more I think about it....the more I think we aren't the right fit. She's actually really nice....but I just remember saying something to her and expected her to kinda validate it being a trauma response, like I thought but it was just brushed off a little....maybe, or I'm being too sensitive? She isn't actually a trauma therapist. I've emailed another therapist that deals specifically with a**se/r*pe....Will cost a little more but I think I'm at the point where I really have to just get on and prioritise myself and pay the extra. I don't want to stop, now I've started because I know I'll leave it too long and then not do it.
Ever feel like your therapist just isn't right for you?
I used to move all the time, so I had finding an ADHD therapist down to an artform. From hundreds to 5 to 1… in the space of a few hours of phone calls, and a few interview appointments.

Finding a Trauma therapist, for the first time? Was waaaaaay harder. In order to find one who had experience with my trauma history & that I got on with, on a personal level? I had to take a train 5 hours away…. And finding him? Took me months and months of searching in increasingly wider circles.

Then next trauma therapist I had literally took 1 phone call! 🤣 And he was a 10 minute walk from where I was living. I just got lucky. (Nope, he wasn’t even on this side of the country during my previous search, but had moved out here last year). I’ve never gotten a hole-in-one in my life, prior.

So my expectation from experience is that the vast majority of therapists I’m going to call/meet with will not be right for me. And almost never the first one I see. Although the bloke I last worked with is proof it can happen!