Xanax and other benzos… question


So I’m on lexapro and have been for a long time. It works fine. No complaints. Just weight gain but what can ya do.
I asked my pcp for a prescription for Xanax because dentists scare me. I haven’t used Xanax since last year before a dentist appointment and I took half of .25mg.
I’m just wondering how often do you have to take it before you get addicted? I don’t even know where my prescription is, (I hide it from myself) and I only have 1-2 pills in my purse for emergencies.
I have seen some people taking it everyday and I wonder how one doesn’t get a tolerance for it.

I just wanna know how often can I take it possibly without getting addicted or needing more and more.


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Typically you'd get addicted to benzos after between 3 months and a year of regular use. It depends on the people, the frequency and the dosage. I did get a physical addiction to lorazepam after around 8 months of daily use at the max dosage, and a psychic one after a few months; but it is hard to say when it happened for me because I was in extreme stress and simply couldn't sleep without benzos, so not all of it was withdrawal. As a side note lorazepam is much more powerful than Xanax. I also don't have an a profile that gets easily addicted to things so my psychical dependance really was much about fearing being sleep deprived, not about enjoying the kick, even though it started to happen towards the end.

It is a shit drug to stop though since it can have a very long, protracted withdrawal with even potential hazards if done wrong. If you have regular use since a long time it absolutely cannot be stopped brutally, it has to be tampered off with longer half life and weaker benzos until it is safe to stop. So I used it for a year, tampered off for two months and still had withdrawal symptoms for 3 months after that, but my usage was way, way higher than yours.

For an occasional use, which is how this medication is intended to be taken unless being in prolongated, extreme stress as I was, you should simply not encounter any issue with being addicted to it.

Of course check this with your doctor they're always happy to give an overview on these issues too.


I was prescribed Halcion for my dental work. It's a powerful medication that puts you in a twilight zone. Maybe you can speak to your dentist to get a few pills ...I also used gas in conjunction with the halcion...a powerful combination.


My honest opinion on benzos is that they're great emergency drugs, but you shouldn't be on them long-term. Save your script for when you're really in a crisis. If you need a daily maintenance med for anxiety (which I do) look into gabapentin or DXM.

If you're just using it to go to the dentist you won't have a problem. The last time I was given Ativan I was in the hospital completely delusional with elevated vitals. In that moment it was the right call (fortunately it didn't make me violent which it sometimes does).

They're meant as rescue meds, not maintenance meds. Benzo addiction will rot your f*ckin' brain.


My honest opinion on benzos is that they're great emergency drugs, but you shouldn't be on them long-term.
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Yup got some for dentist, large family gatherings, and medical stuff. All very stressful events for me. Due to previous problems with addictive stuff my wife has them and I think we got about a dozen.

One other thing I did was have everyone recommend to my family doctor and let her prescribe. Sort of a safety thing so she knows ALL my meds. (and how much I have) I have a chronic illness as well so if anything makes that go sideways she and my endo know about all my meds.