Sufferer You can't see me....or maybe you can. ptsd, gad, panic disorder.

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I have PTSD, GAD and Panic Disorder. I feel like I have leprosy. Only my wife knows, but I don't think she knows the extent of what I have.

I despise the acronym "PTSD" because as President George W Bush recently said, "It's PTS because it's an injury, not a disorder." Society places so much stigma on PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders that I'm surprised we're not all quarantined by now.

I don't really have any friends and even if I did, I wouldn't talk to them about this. I've suspected for a while that my CRNP was going to tell me that it's PTSD, but it took me a while to open up to her and tell her everything that's been going on. I take Xanax for panic attacks and she's starting me on Zoloft to help with the overwhelming anxiety I experience everyday. She said once I adjust to the Zoloft, she'll give me something else to try to help with the nightmares I have associated with PTSD. I'm also going to start counseling as well.

I have a crap support system, but I have an amazing medical team. It just sucks but I figure I might run in to some people here who understand what I live with.

At least give me points for the worst intro ever.


Welcome, and it was a great intro !!! Sounds like you belong here so, glad you found us. Glad to hear you are being very proactive in getting the healing started. Sometimes all the alphabet soup makes us feel hopeless.... we have things going on others don't understand. So here we are in a huge group trying to make sense of our world and our self in that world.... hope you benefit from being here as I have. I have made great strides in healing, hoping the same for you.
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