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You know that you're still functioning when...

I open the microwave and see old food in there and realize that I haven't had anything to eat since who knows when(hours? Days?) and suddenly become hungry. And eat( not the old food though).But I guess that would be beginning to function again not still functioning(?).

Still functioning would be using the self checkout at the store without assistance instead of standing there blankly forgetting how to do it.
I’ve showered, dressed, put on my war paint, and have a bag of useful things ready to grab. Every day. As a matter of course.

I have more than 2 pairs of clothes to wear (what’s on me, and what’s being washed).

(Ooooh! One step further!)
My clothes match more than my pajamas match (can you TELL I spent a couple years sick?!?) I had the cutest PJs, but my “daytime” (cough, worn maybe once a week at best, occasionally monthly…in either case often for less than 2 hours) clothes were a visual nightmare.

(And another step!)
I have clothes in specific groupings… not just in bed and out (although that counts!) but work, social, party, sport, seasonal, etc.

My pocket trash is in order (ID, credit/debit cards, insurance card, drivers license, misc receipts; all the things they use to ID a body).

Possibly NOT considering pocket trash as the way the cops ID you? Hmmm. Might need to think on that one.

I have regular access to power & running water
My pocket trash is in order
Hehe - when my body would be identifiable. That's a very low standard, and yet somehow it works!

When you find yourself sitting at a cafe waiting for your hair appointment. Which is me right now. Which is shit-hot, raise the roof and wave your party hands level function! Go team Sideways:)