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You Know You Have PTSD When...


Your idea of socializing totally includes cheerfully waving at sistah friends halfa globe that-a-way and congratulating them on generic awesome, as well as coming to refer about their isolating habits. :smug:

Woot! Look at you, having something covered sooo well with years of practice. :sneaky:

And you're so fricking proud of both of you rich social life, too. (Evading company is sooo a skillset in your book.)

(Yeaah @Simply Simon, couldn't resist greeting ya. ;) Altho the usual is more like See Simon, Hug Simon.)
When you hear yourself tell 3 different people that you'd gladly give up breathing so 900-1000 other families could have their jobs back and not suffer. Somebody suicided yesterday. I don't like what I think when that happens cuz if it was a volunteer thing, I would... even still after all this recovery stuff.
When you see covidiots that broke through yellow tape to enter tennis courts to play and the bylaw phoneline says "due to the volume of calls and changing conditions we are no longer able to enforce guidelines as set by Health Canada. For more information please website". My dissapointment quickly turned to I have to save the world by hurting the tennis covidiots.

Self soothe self soothe. Ommmm. Breathe. Walk away... bats are for baseball and steak knives are for steaks. Would you like some ice cream? Soothe self soothe.
@shatter eyes

Serious kudos on the self soothe.

And damn straight they're not worth the hassle.

Besides, you wouldn't be saving anyone from them...
You would be letting them drag you down. Or others. Or innocent bystanders.

You left that life. Did damned well. Keep doing well & reaching out. ;)

Morons ain't worth even a thought of harm. Much less acting, any harm coming, jail or death. Pansies just don't rate.