You Know You've Been Dissociating/being Absent Minded When...

A thread specifically for those moments we all have where we dissociate, or are simply being absent minded. (not sure if those are the same thing...).

You know you've been dissociating / absent minded when... cant remember what you said a minute ago. cant remember what someone else said a minute ago. know what the conversation is about, but it doesn't fully register and you still have to ask what the conversation is about. manage to confuse everyone in the conversation, including yourself, in doing so. place an object somewhere, and immediately start looking for it elsewhere. swear up and down that sound was a kitten! Now your neighbors are looking confused at you when you try to pick up and pet a really squeaky door. have no idea what your friend is talking about when they say you were acting like someone else. realize this is apparently not a one time problem. place an empty milk jug in the sink and promtly walk away to go smoke a cigarette, and you dont remember doing so. tell your friend to hold their thoughts because you need to find your phone, and they remind you that you're talking on it. reply to a forum what someone asked you in a text message.


Oh I love this... have we been following each other around?? are in the middle of telling something and have no idea what you are talking about. look and look and look for your keys and they are in your hand are edgy and jumpy because the neighbors music is too loud, and it's your own music

This is great, hope others share too... at least I know I am not alone.


You are always giggling at conversations in your head and your friends are always asking what's so funny.
When you get frustrated cuz you can't keep connected to what other people are saying and you tried
When coworkers say it's like you are there but we feel we are looking through you
You are nicknamed Dory from Nemo
When you sit back and watch yourself go through motions
When you do stuff but feel like it's someone else doing it
When you talk in all kinds of accents from where you have lived but don't remember having the accents
When you talk in all different aged sounding voices
When you are constantly trying to ground walk up to a truck and wait for it to be unlocked, and your friends are just standing there by the truck staring at you strangely, and you suddenly realize its the wrong truck. get out of the truck, shut the door, start walking to the food place, and your friend suddenly asks you if youre forgetting something.. and then you realize you shut your sister in the truck. This truck has only two doors. She was sitting in the back.... get into a car after getting a ride to the bank, and someone else outside asks you if thats your ride. You then suddenly realize you got into the wrong car.


Can not tell you the times I have tried to get into someone else"s car !!! Or stood in front of the frozen food door and have no idea what I was going to get.... Oh, I found me keys, they were in my purse. The same purse I cleaned out last night looking for them..... all I can do is laugh sometimes.... and am so grateful I live alone....don't have to have someone looking at me like I am feeling inside....but don't have to explain either...