Your Basic Human Rights

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I grew up totally unaware of my basic human rights.
I don't know if this is common among people who have ptsd or not, but I thought others may find it as helpful as I did, so here is what I learned about my rights

I have the right to.... the ultimate judge of myself.
...determine and direct the course of my own life.
...remember, discover, and speak the truth about the abuse and my abusers. believed.
...make mistakes.
...say, "I don't know." illogical. by my own rules.
...all of my feelings.

I have the right to...

...confront anyone who is neglectful, abusive, or hurtful to me.
...walk away from any person, place or situation that I cannot or do not wish to deal with.
...choose who I will relate to and how I will relate to them.
...say, "no."
...privacy and personal space.
...separate myself from those who are unsupportive, unloving, or overly-critical. feel good about myself regardless of other people's opinions, actions, etc.

I have the right to...

...happiness, love, health, and peace regardless of the past.
...set my own priorities for the use of time, space, money, and energy. a fun, exciting, healthy, sexual relationship with a person I choose as a lover. myself from guilt and worry. in the goodness of myself.
...say who touches me, how, where, and for how long.
....object to being touched.

I have the right to...

...say, "I don't care."
...say, "Please help me."
...set rules and boundaries about what is acceptable and non-acceptable to me.
...reject the company of anyone who cannot or will not respect my boundaries and limitations. develop myself as a whole person; emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.
...leave the company of anyone who deliberately or inadvertently fails to respect me as a person.
...not to be bullied, pressured, or intimidated into doing or saying anything that I do not wish to.

I have the right to...

...defend myself against any mental, emotional, verbal or physical attack.
...not speak about the abuse until I am ready.
...speak my peace, voice my opinion, share in a group w/o being labeled, belittled, disregarded, or criticized. what is best for me based on my own feelings, perceptions, and judgement.
...rid myself of any shame or guilt that is tied to the past. my feeling, perceptions, intuition and inner-experiences.
...loving, non-sexual, non-abusive relationships with family/children.

I have the right to...

...choose a lifestyle, (including a sexual lifestyle) that is comfortable for me.
...refuse to accept responsibility or blame for the actions and decisions of others.
...have healthy, happy children who are safe from abuse.
...decide whether or not I wish to work towards forgiving anyone and the right not to forgive.
...offer no reasons or excuses to justify my feelings or behavior.
...change my mind.
...focus on my own needs and wishes.

I have the right to...

...personal privacy.
...say, "I don't understand." my positive and negative feelings (as well as the right not to express them)
...ask for advise from others.
...accept or reject advise from others.
...tell others how I want to be treated.
...get what I pay for and be paid what I deserve.
...change and expand in new directions. seen and heard.

I guess I really need to work on this last one because I almost did not post this thread.
At any rate, I hope you find these as empowering as I do.


KP the nut


I have an affirmation book, into which I copy things which inspire me. I hope you don't mind but I'd love to copy some of the above.

In times of need, I find it really helps me to sit and read through some of the things I have.
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