Your Top 10 Movies

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We all know that quite a lot of us spend a lot of time at home, isolating, it comes with the territory.

For me I have times when I watch tv and movies and times when I can't concentrate.

What I want is your top 10 movies you enjoyed the most, it does not matter how old either, so Sarg and Jar, Old Yeller is fine.

Ten, no more. Including the series is ok and only counts as one.

Here are mine, no particular order.



The Godfather I, II, and III

Band of Brothers

The Lord of the Rings

The Jason Bourne series

Remember the Titans

Gifted Hands

Seven Pounds

Grown Ups
Where the red fern grows, The man from snowy river, The Jason Bourne series, Saving private Ryan, Hildalgo, Open range, Gladiator, The transporter series, warped times Black hawk Down, and for laughs Cheech and Chong. It is hard to think of movies because the way they make me feel is different each time I watch them. So my choices change daily. Oh and if I watch Black hawk Down the whole family avoids me like the plague.
Horatio Hornblower series
The office - american version
Officer and a Gentleman
The X Men - all of them
Lord of the Rings
Little Britain
Anything with Doris Day in it
Anything with John Wayne - Mclintock! Especially.
Das Boot
Jeremiah Johnson
the Truman show
platoon (for the boot camp scenes)
the natural
cool hand luke
drive (with McQueen)
I can't watch Old Yeller, it makes me cry. :cry:

I have to give this list some thought as I can see a top 10 in different categories. Let me think on it.
platoon (for the boot camp scenes)

The boot camp scenes in Full Metal Jacket are cool too but I've seen a couple guys in treatment at Walter Reed that had that look on their face PVT Gomer Pyle had near his end and it gave me chills. I tried to help them but they were in a real hurt. And that guy was acting...
The office UK
Band of brothers
American history x
Forrest Gump
Saving private Ryan
Django unchained
City of God
Anything with Hannibal! (Robert Harris stories/films)

Again, this may change from time to time. I enjoyed reading others, kinda learn a bit about a person!
Apocalypse Now
The Godfather
Lawrence of Arabia
The Silence of the Lambs
Blade Runner
Saving Private Ryan
Outlaw Josey Wales
The Matrix
The Sixth Sense

I find with films there is allways something new that is better untill the next one comes along. I watch a lot more series than anything else.

I don`t believe Red said Das Boot! Classic German Film, knocks the socks of some Hollywood stuff.

Sharpe the whole series, gotta love the 95th
Firelfly and Serenity, I am so Browncoat.
The Walking Dead,
Zulu, the proper one and not the Hollywood version
The man who would be King
Das Boot
A Bridge to Far.
The longest Day
The HIll
And just about anything Post Apocalypse. Got to love the human race on the edge of Extinction.
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