Zoloft for PTSD

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Be warned:

Zoloft can cause convulsions or seizures.

Anyone with a history of those or epilepsy must avoid this drug at all costs!

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Great info!

Zoloft is suitable for primarily adults, though does come with extra warnings if prescribed to adolescents and children. Zoloft is not recommended for women who are pregnant. Whilst Zoloft can be used on minors, the facts for increased suicidality far surpasses it use over other drugs.

The doctor who prescribed this to me when I was teen didn't know this - about it's contraindications for teenagers. It didn't really help me in the slightest, not with the flashbacks anyway.

The most effective anti-d I've had so far has been Effexor, but the withdrawals were *terrible*.


Don't fool yourself Rav, the doctors knew exactly what the risks and warnings where, that is their job. What they do they, is still take the risk to see if it works for you, regardless of warnings. It isn't their bodies or minds they are playing with.
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