Vietnam Veteran (US Navy) served 16 mo's in Danang RVN (1965-66). Attached to the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade - Cargo Handling Battalion TWO (combat stevedores). Married 45 years (haven't won a round to date) but still able to get in the ring. The best thing that ever happened to me was my bride. She stood tough all these years and I thank GOD everyday.

Only found out about PTSD in 2009 when I went to the VA for Agent Orange issues. It was suggested I look into my sleep problem. I was the last to know - every one else knew something was wrong. Drank alcoholically for over 25 years which included the jails, employment issues, family problems, before I put the plug in the jug in 1989. With out the booze some of the other crap eventually went away but the flashbacks and hypervigilance remained. I learned to masquerade a lot of the symptoms by micromanaging my social life.

Today I'm in therapy and dealing with life somewhat better with the help of my fellow veterans and professionals. I'm 60% SC disabled and run the gamut of AO related issued on top of 30% SC for PTSD. I meet weekly with other VN era combat vets in therapy along with one-on-one therapist sessions. Still have a ton of issues but hey, how do you eat a elephant? One bite at a time..... one day at a time.
New Jersey USA
Retired Engineer