MyPTSD History

PTSD Forum launched on the 06th Sep, 2005, with one simple aim, to provide quality PTSD information and support to all concerned.

Our aim is easy when simplified, yet when viewed in depth it comprises a little more work, such as vetted references to quality information that won't send you round in circles, combined with quality support for those who suffer PTSD, support PTSD and family of affected PTSD sufferers. This community is a global, social, PTSD hub providing a means of communication, an outlet, a place where people understand what you're going through.

PTSD Forum changed name to MyPTSD on 26th July 2013 as part of the "My" Network changes.

The community is not here to provide rocket science or neo-geometrical measurements of time and space movement… instead its about getting down to the nitty gritty, talking about the issues, learning from each other, and at the end of the day, hopefully lead a more rewarding and stress free life.

The biggest thing about PTSD is honesty. If you can’t be honest, then you're wasting your time. It sounds harsh, but it doesn't make it untrue! Denial is a large part for those affected by traumatic events, and once you accept your trauma and that there are others just like you, things will get better… trust me on that one. PTSD affects a wide range of people from military, police, emergency services, doctors, nurses, victims of crime, severe accidents and more. Don’t be afraid, as you're not alone… really, you're not.

MyPTSD does not reinvent the wheel and create PTSD information. MyPTSD regurgitates known, quality, information produced by leading global experts in the field of PTSD, then we break it down into simple speak for quick understanding, without all the complicated psychology. Well, as much as possible that is. The information found here is as unbiased as possible. When information is released via the news, it gets discussed and can be researched. The majority of leading experts tend to agree on the majority of points about PTSD, which is what this forum utilizes.

If you want more information on the owner, read about Anthony & Nicolette.