Report Function

Reporting Content & Users

Staff have an immense quantity of content and users to track. We have tools and procedures that aid us, yet the communities best quality controller, is you, the member. You may see an issue before staff, and the most powerful tool is the report system.

Report is a link listed upon nearly all user generated content, and user profiles. Report is private and confidential, between you and staff. Report will create a new discussion in the contact us area, where staff may respond, or you may respond with further information if you believe needed.

When a user or content is reported, staff are notified immediately. When multiple users report the same content or user, staff can see an issue is urgent, stopping other tasks to focus on the reported concern. When in doubt, report. There is nothing lost by reporting content or a user.

Do not be dismayed if no response is given to your report. It does not mean we have dismissed your report. A report allows staff to focus on an issue, and if a user, we may need time to review history, to monitor future activity. We do not report back to users about actions we take, but we do take action on every report. Staff have hidden systems and processes that help notate and monitor users.

A completed report usually means staff have actioned, or are actioning the report, as per above.