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Hi, and welcome to MyPTSD. Really glad that you've joined our community, and we as staff hope you enjoy your time here.

Getting Started

If you're not sure how to use our community, the simplest method is to watch a few minute video outlining key areas and how to post. Once you know how to post, you can ask anything you're unsure about from that point.

You can quickly see the latest content since your last visit, several ways, being:

Take a quick 3 Minute Tour - YouTube.

Introduce Yourself

The introduction forum allows you to introduce yourself to the community, one time. Be open and honest, share only what you're comfortable sharing, engage with members as they respond to you. Learn as you go is the best way. We're here to help you become part of the community.

Maximizing Responses

If you post it, they will come! No, no they won't. You post a new topic (thread) and nobody replies. There will be very good reasons for that, all of which are your own doing. The users and readers are here, but you determine how much interest people take in reading and responding to your content. There is a more detailed discussion on this, but the basics to maximize responses to your content are:

  1. Thread Title - Short, sharp and accurately descriptive.
  2. Basic Grammar - It is easier for people to read sentences that construct short paragraphs.
  3. Edit Nonsense - When you want specific responses, read your content before posting and remove all the noise. The shorter and descriptive your post, the better your responses. Write a long post full of nonsense and waffle, people get lost amongst it and lose what you actually want, thus they don't respond.
  4. Ask Questions - When you want something, you need to ask for it. So ask it, as that is what people will respond to.

There are vast differences in how you structure your content between wanting responses vs. just airing stuff in your head without care of response.

The Internet

Please remember where you are, the World Wide Web (www). Whilst we would all like to believe the person on the other side of a computer are who they say they are, you can't actually confirm that unless you've had video conversations with them, or met them in a public place for chat. Even this doesn't mean the person is stable and desirable for a healthy friendship. This is a mental health forum, and all members should remember that when befriending, or befriended, by another member here. Make friends, but please use caution. The Internet is not a safe place, and this forum is on the Internet. Members have placed themselves in undesirable positions in the past, and there is nothing we can do about the choices members make off this forum. Read Anthony's view on this topic.

Symptom Management

You need to self-manage your exposure to websites like MyPTSD, where you are exposed to others trauma, talking about your own trauma - this will have symptom consequences. Regardless the type of exposure you have to trauma therapies, they all provoke a spike in symptoms, and you need to adjust and manage yourself for this. Feel free to read more about this if you choose.

Community Culture

MyPTSD is a support community, yet one you can absolutely have fun within, be yourself, share and be supported. Expect diverse responses and opinions, take what helps you and ignore what doesn't. Whilst we would all like to just get along as friends, that isn't realistic. It's ok though, just accept this fact and take what helps you, ignore the rest. Arguments do more harm than good, so we try to avoid those here. Disagree with something, by all means, but please do so in a non-attacking manner, is all we ask. Oh... don't be scared of swearing, we have censors that automatically adjust anything nasty. Be yourself, respect others, and enjoy our relaxed culture.

Community History

We've been around since 2005, and we've worked out most of the teething issues over the years, to deliver you a real community feel that evolves as you, the members, evolve. You can read our community history here.

Community Constitution

We don't have a ruleset, we have a community constitution followed by legal policy, in which members are asked to comply with in order to be harmonious members of this global community.

When in doubt, ask an administrative question by starting a new help ticket.