Account Management

Account Management

The content contained here is by no means exhaustive, and we encourage members to experiment with their account settings, as you will discover how they work. If you have questions about a function / feature, just raise a contact us topic, and a member of staff will help you.

An overview of each area:

  • Profile: This is your public / member facing profile, that public / members can view the details you input and allow to be seen.
  • Account Details: This is your basic account information, email, username, avatar information about yourself and any third party apps that you accept contact from, such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Password & Security: Manage your password or add two factor authentication to harden account access.
  • Privacy: Control access to your online presence at MyPTSD, such as online visibility, age information, email contact from MyPTSD and more.
  • Preferences: Important settings that control personal notifications when replies / new content occur to your interacted content. Default settings are email.
  • Account Upgrades: Allows members to access additional key features that extend user experience.
  • Connected Accounts: Members can connect their third party accounts to interact with their profile.
  • Following: A simple and quick view at which other users you are following.
  • Ignoring: Shows what users you are ignoring. Ignoring a user hides their content by default, requiring you to click to show. Ignoring places a barrier between you and specific members content that you do not want to interact with. You can ignore a user from their member card (hover over / touch their username) or profile. You can manage those on your ignore list here.
  • Ignored Content: Ignored content pertains to hiding forums and threads in their entirety from you. If you hide a forum it will disappear from the forum home. It will also remove all threads in that forum from your view, including search, whats new, new content queries. Threads are the lesser level, where you remove a specific thread and any replies from new content queries.

Watched Content Settings

Changing your above preferences after posting history does not change prior alert notification settings. Simply, because you can choose to watch one thread via email and everything else by alerts, it is personalized to you and your present tense settings. To change previous thread and forum alert history, you can manage them from your watched threads and watched forum pages.

You will see checkboxes beside each thread / forum. You can bulk manage content from the bottom right of those pages, to change everything to alerts, email, none or remove watching the content.