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    At the end

    I’ve been sick since I was 18. I’m fifty now. I was on Prozac when it was a baby, thousands of therapies and meds, ect, tms, ketamine. But I think I’m giving up. I worked hard. I became a psychologist and worked with the less fortunate. I tried to instill good values in my children. I only ever...
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    What do you do when your support system is overwhelmed?

    I have severe PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. The pandemic knocked me down hard and I'm newly recovering from a horrendous seven month depressive episode. I have a very small support system, unfortunately, and I'm sure they were already depleted. I feel like everyone wants me to be better...
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    Sufferer PTSD and cPTSd survivor looking for community

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. It's such a relief to find this community. Best wishes to all.
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    Trauma and isolation

    This is true for me as well. Close members of my family know that I have PTSD but they have not asked, and I have not offered to explain why. Close friends know some of the events and my husband and therapist know the most. But the truth is that I've not shared the full extent of my experiences...
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    Sufferer PTSD and cPTSd survivor looking for community

    Hello - I was first diagnosed with PTSD thirty years ago and have had multiple subsequent traumatic events since then. My functioning has always been very high as it was part of my coping mechanism but with the last two events (which both happened in the last five years) I've found my symptoms...