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    Sufferer Another job I couldn't do (PTSD don't know anymore)

    Welcome, @Rejected265 PTSD can definitely make working life more challenging. I struggled a lot when I was still in the workforce and can sympathize with your plight—sometimes I felt like I was going out of my mind and had to run away I’m not sure what country you‘re in, but perhaps you could...
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    News Wondering about this? PTSD, ADHD

    Thanks for sharing Certainly fits in with my own experience
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    What is your definition of “trauma processing”?

    That’s a great description, @TruthSeeker, and I appreciate what you’ve said. I believe that I’ve kind of organically started doing the types of steps you explained, informally anyway, but (I guess this is no surprise) I can find myself getting stuck on acceptance I start to believe that I’ve...
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    Never told anyone

    I’m sorry that you’re in so much pain. I can relate. I’ve never attempted, but ever since I was a child, what I’ve wanted more than anything is to not exist. Actually, never having been born in the first place would have been best, in my case. It’s been hard for me to “keeping fighting” cuz I...
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    How to find courage to ask

    I truly relate to every single thing you wrote here ^ It’s almost freaky. For my part, it turns out I basically lost my ability to function adequately in the workplace, and my symptoms were really going haywire, so I ended up retiring “early”. I have been engulfed in shame and depression ever...
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    How to find courage to ask

    @jch, if you haven’t already, you may find the book by Pete Walker, Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving helpful. That‘s where I learned about the Inner Critic. At first I thought the whole concept sounded kinda goofy, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I was...
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    How to find courage to ask

    Welcome @jch I was also trained by my parents not to exhibit any type of emotion that was not conducive to their sense of being fine parents. To this day, I’m highly sensitive and feel triggered a lot when ppl point out my sensitivity, directly or indirectly. I’ve learned to mostly just avoid...
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    reasonable accommodation denied

    Well... let’s just put it this way. In my adulthood, work was always my greatest stressor. Stress always made certain symptoms of my PTSD worse. My hope was that the reduced stress from leaving the workforce would help tame my symptoms and thus improve my life in general I haven’t had a panic...
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    reasonable accommodation denied

    You have my sympathy. My story isn’t quite the same as yours because, in my case, I ended up feeling like I had no choice but to “retire” early (I’ll just have to deal with the consequences). That’s the level of despair I finally reached when my symptoms got overwhelming and my system had...
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    Childhood Past childhood

    Oh, @Wiz, that’s nightmarish. I’m so very sorry. As a little girl, I was also beaten bloody by my father. I feel your pain. And, as if the beating wasn’t enough, to then have your mother worry only about protecting your father. Such abandonment. Such callous disregard. My mother just stood by...
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    Sufferer New to the forum, not new to the nightmare. Middle-aged and back in college - looking for like minds with big boots.

    Welcome! I have C/PTSD from child abuse and I also started experiencing a lot worse symptoms, includping worsening cognitive impairment, around the same age that you are. I can definitely relate. I salute your drive and ambition, going back to school 🙂 (I don’t think I could handle it)
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    PTSD and having a child

    Maybe, maybe not. There are many factors we don’t know about that could influence your parenting. Some considerations: Do you want to become a parent right now? Are you ready for the level of responsibility for another life that will be required? Do you have adequate resources and support? How...
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    Waking from a nightmare into sleep paralysis

    Something I’m just realizing: The few times I’ve experienced sleep paralysis occurred while sleeping on my back. I’m typically a side sleeper, so this seems noteworthy—especially since the illusion of being pinned down and suffocated by something bearing down on my chest makes most sense if I’m...
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    Waking from a nightmare into sleep paralysis

    Not sure whether it was on the tail of a nightmare, but I have experienced sleep paralysis, and I concur, it’s absolutely terrifying. Not only could I not move, but I also felt like a heavy weight was on me (especially my chest), and I also struggled to breathe
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    defending myself

    I think one of the worst aspects of (C)PTSD is the judgment of others, who don’t see the invisible injury and put it all down to poor character Sometimes it’s downright crushing to have to deal with the symptoms themselves, plus the losses, and then the criticism on top of it all There was a...