I love animals :)

I have a service dog, who in her spare time loves to lay in the sun on hot days. She likes to "go swimming," which really means stand still in shallow, slow-flowing water. She doesn't like snakes, but she loves cats.

I have two cats. They act like cats. One of them is really sweet and has the most aggressive head-boops, while the other is pretty mellow and just likes to hang out.

I have a cockatiel. She likes to sing, dance, and scream until everyone is awake. She has gotten really good at her aim -- that is, she shoots kibble out of her cage into my sleeping face when I sleep in. She also throws them at my service dog, and watches with intense curiosity as she picks them up.

I have a partially blind corn snake who I've had since he was a baby. It's been very entertaining watching him teach himself things -- it's weird to me how much you can learn without having a single parent in your life! My favorite was when he learned gravity -- that he has to hold onto things with his tail or he'll fall. That took him a little bit.

In the past, I've had one of every animal you can imagine except for farm animals (unless you consider rabbits to be farm animals). Some of them were incredibly illegal, such as a certain species of leaf tailed gecko that there were less than 1000 left of. I would like the pet trade to stop for species such as that one, as it is detrimental to the species as a whole and harsh on individuals who often don't make it or are heavily traumatized. My dad, though, loved to hoard animals, and being a psychopath, didn't understand that they had lives of their own.

Those of us who have ever been in abduction or slavery scenarios understand way too much, though. Hopefully putting awareness to situations like those will help to halt them. :)


I have facial blindness (prosopagnosia; a facial recognition disorder) but I also have synesthesia. I hear color and I use that to understand the world around me, including recognize people. I also feel colors in an emotional way, which is harder to explain, but it's useful. I'm very empathetic as a result. Which at times is too much for me to handle properly.

Trying to figure out who you are might take me a long time, but I'll remember you eventually!

My interests are varied. I have difficulty with identity (myself or others) and will get confused about what I am and what I like at times. But I know I like art, reading, writing, and learning.

I love to socialize with humans, and other animals. You can't really socialize with plants (though I love them), but in a lab I once convinced a protist to chose me and my plates at the end of a multi-ending maze, rather than my lab mate's. It was a slime mold, for those wondering. Slime molds are wonderful, one of my favorite creatures.

Other favorite creatures?
  • The fungus that is the Wood Wide Web,
  • Chernobyl fungi,
  • and molds (preferably not on my bread);
  • C. elegans (a little nematode that shares much of our genetic information)
  • Tardigrades/water bears (so weak, and yet so tolerant)
  • Cheetahs (they will cuddle you if you can befriend them)
  • Elephants
  • Humans
  • House cats
  • Dogs
  • Cows
  • Chickens
  • Goats
  • Capybaras
  • Snakes
  • Birds, especially the secretary bird and parrots
  • Absolutely any insect, spider, or other bugs
  • Rice, wheat, corn, and other domesticated plants

If you're looking for why I have PTSD? That's a whole other story... and not as fun. ;P

Sources of images above:
(1) Picture of my service dog
(2) Pet wasp, Skittle
(3) waterfall and rainbow picture I took in Iceland in 2017
(4) flower by water-filled crater in Iceland, 2017
(5) friend's cat behind glasses
Mar 23, 1995 (Age: 29)
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