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    Research A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine

    Scientists Say A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine
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    Stopped reading after page 1 to write my reply - might have been said already, but didn't see a "Friday response" when scrolling through, so here goes. In terms of symptoms when co-morbid PTSD and ADHD, Friday made a REALLY good point about that in another thread (can't directly quote because...
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    The Biggest Spider Ever!

    If you have some Listerine at hand, it may not kill them, but spiders dislike peppermint. You could maybe spray yourself some “barrier” to provide a little better sleep?
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    A thread for scientific nerdiness

    Yes! It's waaaaaaaaaay cool and the press is - expectedly - abuzz about it - of course twisting it in all kinds of attention-grabbing ways. A friend of mine is an astronomer and she made a really good post about that. It's also something we have to be super careful about in my field. We're...
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    Emotional Support Animal corner

    Whoever came up with the concept of ESAs had good intentions at heart, but really really really didn't think it through. So, you're having a severe enough mental disability that you official benefit from the "comfort" of a pet as part of your treatment, as attested for by your treatment team...
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    Getting an accountant

    We need someone to help us come up with a strategy to pay off our debt. We need someone to help us figure out where we can safe. We need someone to help us manage our income and expenses. Not just once, but continuously. I’ve tried it myself. We tried it with the accountability of family...
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    Getting an accountant

    We desperately need to get our finances in check and we desperately need help with it. I’m terrible with money and it’s ended us in a REALLY bad place, now. Is anyone here using an accountant? (I think @Friday you mentioned something along those lines?) How to even find one? How to be able to...
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    Service dog handler lobby

    Does it help a little knowing that even when she retires as a SD, she'll hopefully still be with you for hopefully quite a while? And she'll continue providing comfort and with time, a new SD will slowly transition in, that'll help you with her getting older. :hug: :hug: :hug: (Dang, I'm...
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    My Traumatized Cat

    Cats are extreme creatures of habit and hate change - such as moving. As hard as it is - I perfectly know - try not too comfort her too much when she's scared, it will reinforce her anxiety. In general, try to act as normal as is at all possible, as if you've already lived there for years...
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    Bernese only average at 6-7 ? GREAT beautiful dogs but one of those breeds I’d never own for that very reason
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say I really didn't mean to be dismissive or anything. I never meant to imply there's anything "wrong" with mixes or that only a limited number of pure breeds are suitable for SD work. Really didn't. I personally know absolutely awesome unusual breeds and mixes that...
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    I can't speak for every breed, but for the breeds I can speak (fab 4 breeds), reputable breeders do puppy testing, either themselves (check their credentials whether they do have sufficient experience) or they ask experienced trainers/evaluators for help - and they usually also don't object if...
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    This absolutely was not targeted against you @Mee , because you're doing the right thing, as Sideways mentioned, in asking questions and asking for advice. Sorry, didn't mean to be condescending :oops: , but it's really been irking me and was more of a general statement/observation. Just too...
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    Kinda sorta OT: I think I've mentioned it before, but I've been spending some time on social media following various (on average mostly younger - go figure) SD handlers and it's really been irking me to see the sheer variety of breeds. From Dobermans to Corgis to all your different herding and...
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    Did you choose a specific breed of dog?

    While personally not the most biggest fan of doodles in general (not because of the dogs but because I'm a proponent of responsible/traditional breeding and just generally not a big fan of so-called "designer breeds" - but really, that's me), doodles are cute as f*ck and can be amazing dogs. We...