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    When an abuser dies

    Have you had an abuser die? My ex husband who was abusive to me and abused my oldest daughter died unexpectedly a few weeks before Christmas. My daughter hadn't seen him in 10 years. My other children saw him once about 2 years ago. My son texted him once in a while. The emotions that we are...
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    I got out!

    I really should not try to read and respond to posts when I have a really bad migraine! I see that comment was not towards me now. I had a good nap this afternoon.
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    I got out!

    Yes, side effects is what I meant. It has been a long week so my brain is struggling a bit.🙂
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    I got out!

    You are doing a great job working through your feelings. I hope that your symptoms easy quickly.
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    Prayer Requests

    Thank you. The surgery went well. We are going to relax and listed to podcasts this afternoon🙂
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    Prayer Requests

    Please send prayers for my husband that his surgery goes well and that he regains his eyesight. Also pray for me to have the strength to be here for him in the way that he needs.
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    My kids

    I'm so glad that you will be moving soon. Make sure that you are kind to yourself. 🫂
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    New and trying to figure things out

    @Renly I'm sorry that you need to be on this journey too. I appreciate you sharing, It helps me feel less alone. I will let you know if I find any good resources.
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    How do you define violence?

    This statement kept me from replying on this post right away. It is what I am afraid to face. I need to accept this incident for what it is, along with other incidents in my marriage to move forward.
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    I got out!

    No need to apologise for tagging me. I am on here to share information and ideas with others. I actually need to apologise to you. What I wrote may have been a little misleading. This was completely unintentional. The stuff that I a have read relates to children, not adults. I am a teacher and...
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    I got out!

    @Teasel, I just want to clarify. Are you saying that your dad had aspergers, or that he would classify you as having aspergers? I have read that a lot of symptoms of PTSD can parallel autistic traits. Perhaps that is why you or others are seeing the traits in you? It is also possible that the...
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    I Don't Want to BE Here

    When I read your post @Eagle3 , what jumps out at me is your strength. You have had a lot thrown at you yet you are still trying. It sounds like you could use some real life help. Is there a distress line that you can call where you are?
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    I got out!

    You seem concerned about the possibility of having autism. Can you start the process to test for a diagnosis? Do you know what you need to do to start? I am wondering if starting the process will help you feel a bit more settled, to know that you will have an answer even if it takes time. Here...