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    What did you feel like when you got diagnosed?

    Thank you sooo much for your words. You put into words for me what I have been thinking for quite a while and had not been able to put into words. Relief !! That it was not just "me" that had messed me up for all these years. "Not my fault" are words that I have to force myself to say - to...
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    PTSD risk factor confirmation bias?

    I had been told for many years that my "mental condition" was due to me "not having it all together". I even heard my mother telling my boyfriend that I "made up stories". It was not till I was in the hospital and hooked to wires and machines that a doctor explained to me that PTSD is a...
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    Does anyone burst into tears because of their PTSD

    Now that I'm older - I can't seem to get myself to cry! Even when I need/want to. I'm so empty inside - and afraid to let anything out. The only time, I lowered my guard and let out some emotion - I ended up in the hospital. So, I keep it all in.. I have a few songs that can bring tears to my...
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    Does anyone burst into tears because of their PTSD

    I always go for a walk. Then I can cry, where no one sees me .. mourn.
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    Does anyone burst into tears because of their PTSD

    Crying? What's that ! When ever I cry or even try to - all I get from other people is "stop that, it can't be that bad."
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    Childhood I Had Plenty Of Chances To Tell

    When I told - everyone erupted at me. My whole family was yelling -again - at me. It was like being "re-traumatized". I won't do that again. :(
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way or not. But I want to express what I seem to feel. I read an article this morning that is mentioning people that have had Covid, may feel that they have PTSD. I don't know why this bothers me - but it does. Kind of like having another person say they...
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    Inner Kid Work

    If you don't want to go further, or your T does not want to- it's your choice. However, I have found over the years that my inner child needs to feel that they are loved and not alone. I actually sat down and wrote her a letter to tell her that I (adult me) love her and can always be there for...
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    What helps you connect to your feelings?

    A long walk by myself, to process and relax, or cry if I need to. And an unusual one... I actually feel safer sitting on the floor. I can talk about my feelings better from there. Kind of like sitting up against a wall and feeling protected.
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    Might try sitting down - away from "the chair" and talk to the dentist/doctor alone. (in your case - even by phone) When I spoke to my dentist, I asked him to take me to another room so I could explain a little about my...paranoia of the dentist. He was very understanding and told me that he had...
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    Childhood Weird Sensation In Genitals - Body Memory?

    Thank you for saying what you did. I also don't like anything about s**. It took me half a century to finally decide to say "no" to anyone who wanted me to do anything that hurt me. (Even physically, it hurt.) I still deal with the guilt, and I'm embaressed that I don't like it. It seems to be...
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    going to places where you were traumatised

    When I went back to one of the places that I was attacked, I found myself able to mourn and to connect with the little girl inside me. She is screaming for help, and sometimes I don't know how to help her. She was so young.....
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    Childhood Weird Sensation In Genitals - Body Memory?

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure that you will find that there are lots of other people who can understand and relate to what your feeling and going thru.
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    going to places where you were traumatised

    Could you please tell me that name and artist of the song you're referring to in your post about being a "widow"? As I was growing up, I used to use a lot of music for my own therapy. I would love to hear these words that you mentioned in the lyrics.
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    Stupidest.trigger. ever. / what is your weirdest trigger?

    When you refer to "woman with knives", are you referring to yourself? Using a knife for defending yourself? This really got my attention when I read the word "knife"--from multiple people no less.