I am here as the victim of 3 unrelated sexually based assaults within 3 months in 2009. I was sexually abused and neglected as a child and entered my first relationship at 15 with a 21 year old, escaped from prison, a man my mother and step father welcomed into our home to share my bedroom. While this was the only love relationship in which I was physically abused, my enormous, dedicated attempts to break free of abuse and trauma eventually failed starting a spiral after the 2009 assaults, unlike any before.
I no longer recognize my life, have a loose hold on who I am, diving into intense dis-associative amnesia with little stimulus. Alone, abandoned by nearly everyone, I struggle with SI and truly question if recovery is possible for me.
Still in the midst of such darkness I harness a clarity in the presence of danger that I never before let in. I am grateful for a newly developed compassion and I have learned, perhaps reluctantly, to let go.
Portland, Oregon
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