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    Parental Neglect. "am I Good Enough Now?"

    @Dana1010 - I can say that I totally understand what you are saying and feeling I never socialized with people because of me mother she abused me from day one no one stepped in I read books they were my friends but like you I would have to come back to the real world. No I don't know how to...
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    Sufferer Lost Somewhere

    I am sorry about not using punctuations. I have dyslexia. It affects me. I can't retain what I have read or had to study yes I am in therapy. I have a really good therapist. She gives me home work. I use sign language, but I don't have anyone to sign with. They have moved away or passed away. I...
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    Sufferer Lost Somewhere

    I am scared of people well everything actually. I was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally I was sexually abused by a man that mom was cheating on Daddy with I told her she chose him over me. I was born sick mom wanted perfect children my other siblings were born with health issues I...