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    Profound difficulty concentrating = brain injury

    That criteria would make menopause an injury.
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    Our hard lockdown has been extended. The delta variant has gotten into the community from hotel quarantine (again!). 2/3 of the new cases yesterday were kids under 10. That's the delta variant for you. If I hear one more person tell me to "get vaccinated!" I think I might scream. Would if...
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    So, I am very confused & seek some insight

    Okay, so taking ^^^ this on board - that you're not aware of either of you having ptsd, and I'll assume by extension that you're also unaware of either of you having a dissociative disorder... This ^^^ sounds like someone who is reeeeally uncomfortable with the situation. If you like this...
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    So, I am very confused & seek some insight

    @Ajay24 - is it you or him that has ptsd?
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    Change in Identity During Depersonalization

    Not for the first 30 years of my life. I do now that I've been getting it treated for years. But the sense that "I'm evil" that I was describing is textbook cptsd (not DID, which is something else entirely).
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    Change in Identity During Depersonalization

    I have an ongoing belief from my trauma that my mere presence can make good men want to do bad things. Psychiatrically? That's me being borderline delusional, and totally consistent with my complex ptsd diagnosis, and damaged self concept from my trauma. I have DID. I experience periods of...
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    It isnt just me??

    You have a choice. Maybe start planning your way forward...?
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    Job interview(s)

    When "chillin with my doggo" is my decompression plan after a specific stressful event? I'll often buy a new toy for the occasion (or plan somewhere to take him, which doesn't apply so easily with cats) ahead of time. That seems to helpful fortify it in my mind as something I'm looking forward...
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    Getting a Service Dog.

    Knowing the type of club you're talking about? I think if you let the state management know about this experience, they'd be up for rolling out better info to their various clubs about ADs. Particularly since in those venues specifically, there's an even higher chance that the person with the...
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    Siblings don’t believe me

    Started to open up to certain family members that I was dealing with some young trauma in my childhood. Got told it would cost me my relationship with my family. Thing is with these memories? As real as they are to me? Is exactly how real it didn't happen in their minds. My memories and their...
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    Is it Normal to Suddenly Get Better?

    With an illness like ptsd, where there's a lot of physical fallout from the condition from constantly being in fight/flight mode, it makes a lot of sense to me that regular, structured relaxation has had a sudden and profound impact on your symptoms. For me too. Is it a perfect cure? Nope...
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    Job interview(s)

    Congratulations:) Wish it were a more relaxing process, but every now and then it's kinda nice to have the types of issues that ordinary people have, like a bit of anxiety before the first day on a new job. That's high five for Normality!! Does checking your self talk/internal dialogue help...
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    Ducaloxine - question about withdrawal symptoms

    Like the brain zaps!? One week is a fairly short time to have been on the medication, so any likely withdrawal should be moderated by that. But it's impossible for anyone here to know. Your prescribing doctor is best placed to walk you through potential withdrawal issues, and which ones to be...
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    Where do i begin?

    Routine with days that are very structured. But the degree to which I'm successful at that varies considerably.