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    Cbd oil review

    CBD oil [no THC] is now available in the UK, but it's difficult to know where to start to find a decent product. Any UK members got any experiences/recommendations?
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Well. A year on and I thought I'd report back. For me, this treatment didn't work - in fact made me feel quite a lot worse. That's not to say it doesn't/won't work for everyone, but for me it was not good. I wish I'd heeded the wise words from forum members. The dissociative effect of the first...
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Well here goes the first stage *gulp*. I feel that, for me, the depressive element of PTSD is pretty severe. I have a consultation/assessment next week with the Psychiatrist from Oxford University who is running this programme. Will be interesting to discuss with him hear his views...
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Thank you @joeylittle and @lostforgottensoul for useful information and thoughts. Much food for thought.
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    somehow, the link disappeared - here it is if anyone is interested Johnson & Johnson Is Reinventing The Party Drug Ketamine To Treat Depression
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    this interests me [a lot :) ]. Ketamine Infusion Therapy [I'll call it KIT for short] seems to be targeted differently in the U.S. and the U.K.; a Google search on "ketamine infusion PTSD" brings up a lot of hits - of mainly U.S. sites. I only looked at the first two pages, but nearly all of...
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Thanks @joeylittle. Wise thoughts, and very helpful :) Depression seems to be a major feature of my PTSD, and is sometimes more incapacitating [e.g. having to take time off work, cancel seeing others] than PTSD symptoms; the difficulty for me sometimes is differentiating/separating the two -...
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    Would you try a treatment that you think is just a doctors band-aid?

    A friend of mine had some success with low-dose amytryptyline. It's often prescribed "off-label" here in the UK for what docs call "neuropathic pain" [i.e. pain for which the medics can't seem to isolate a cause]
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Here's a link to the BBC News item that describes the project Ketamine depression treatment 'should be rolled out' - BBC News in the UK the treatment seems to be focussed on depression, but my personal experience is that the symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder [MDD] are a [quite...
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    I think everyone gets the same as they're trialling the infusion. My doc has referred me, but I understand there's quite a waiting list, even though the course and psychiatrist assessment costs around 1000 USD. I'll report back if I go ahead.
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    Ketamine infusion treatment - anyone tried?

    Just been back to my doctor and [again] she doesn't seem to "get" PTSD/CPTSD. She wants me to try yet another SSRI, but antidepressants just seem to turn my symptoms up to number 11 and beyond. There is a Psychiatrist here at Oxford University in the UK who is trialling Ketamine infusions...
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    My T Thinks I May Have Been Sexually Abused As A Child.

    Thank you for starting this thread. This in particular rings very true for me. I'd been in and out of therapy for over 20 years, and nothing had seemed to help. After the last lot in the late 2000s made little difference, I nearly gave up. Then I happened on Peter Levine's "Waking The Tiger"...
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    False Memories

    yes, @NightSky . That's something my T has often said to me... Logically I know she is right ...and, @Snowflake, I remember now that this is what my T has said in the past when my self-doubt has been overwhelming as it is now... ...but the denial is so strong, so rooted, and so tied up with...
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    Self Doubt About Diagnosis And Recovery

    Prompted by a [very good] thread I was reading earlier in another forum, about the reliability of memories, I realise how much I am plagued by self doubt, for example: Did anything really happen? My memories are primarily sensations, rather than "movies" in my head, with fragments emerging in...