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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    Work and why some people won't take responsibility for their own life
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    Do you need PTSD to post here?

    Interesting thread. Personally, I think formal diagnosis is irrelevant, as it's impossible to confirm or disprove if anyone who writes in the forum actually has the diagnosis.
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    What would you choose?

    Chocolate Dog or cat?
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    Insert Swearish Rant Here

    F*CK all Karens (slang)
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    Is this good treatment?

    Just a side note. Triggers can generalize. For example, the original trigger maybe physical touch or sex but eventually it can become just thinking or doing anything in that direction.
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    Dissociation during exposure

    Actually, as far as I know, you are not supposed to dissociate during exposure since that way you /your brain won't be able to process things and "file" them as past events. Dissociation keeps the memory in fragments and hinders the connection.
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    Wake Up Don't Know Where I am and Who I'm With

    I have similar experiences and mine are due to dissociative parts intruding. For example, I will lie in bed at night and I will feel younger and actually kind of think I am in my childhood home in bed. It feels strange.
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Biscuits and gravy.
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Chocolate milk
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    Has the following ever happened to anyone. I was reading about child neglect an its effects and thinking about how things that happened in the past weren't bad enough to be called trauma (not just talking about child neglect) then all of a sudden I got really, really tired and had to lie down...
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    DID Every Part wants to do something different

    Thanks for all your replies. @JadeB. I do that sometimes. But sometimes I just feel rediculous doing kids stuff. I know I shouldn't but I do. @TruthSeeker I like the Idea of the sticky notes and will definitely try that. And yes, breaks are important as my energy is still pretty limited...
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    DID Every Part wants to do something different

    I'm kind of new at this DID thing. Well, actually I've the Diagnosis for like 2 years but I have been unwilling and still have problems accepting it. It just feels crazy. Hence communication has not happened a whole lot. But I guess there's no way around.
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    DID Every Part wants to do something different

    It seems today everyone of my parts wants to do something different and in the end nothing gets done. I started decluttering the office, which really needs to be done. But I can't stay on track because a part is deeply depressed and the young ones don't like adult stuff anyway. One of them cried...
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    Do you experience instant pain and then drop into depression...

    I could imagine those remarks or looks or attitude are actually triggers. Anything that was there during trauma.
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    Do you experience instant pain and then drop into depression...

    Could it be a body memory? Other than that emotional pain is actually processed like physical pain in the brain. Thus the connection makes sense either way.