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    Losing my psychiatrist

    I haven't been on for a long time, at least a year if not more. I was doing really well, and tell her I learned my psychiatrist won't be able to see After Next month due to insurance issues. FYI I have no idea why half of everything I type is underlined. I can't seem to fix it. Anyways, I...
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    do most people who have ptsd wake themselves up screaming?

    Not that often, but I have
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    News Company makes microdosing spray for PTSD

    Dead Link Removed Mods fix edit move whatever I'm not feeling very well right now so I I'm not sure I have it in the right spot
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    Thinking about those affected by the Australian fires

    The images I have seen are just devastating! There is an amazing video of a firetruck driving through a wall of flames. It definitely has me worried for all of you
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    Thinking about those affected by the Australian fires

    I hope all the Australians here are safe
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    Anxiety Medications

    The best thing I have found is a brand of Gaba that has taurine inositol and l-theanine. This stuff has been freaking amazing. Near instantaneous relief
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    Other TBI

    @Friday last year I was in a severe car accident. The shoulder belt failed and my head went through the windshield. My husband and I were taken to different hospital rooms and I had no idea I had been unconscious until my husband told me later. I have absolutely no memory of the accident only...
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    Other TBI

    It's been a year and a month since my traumatic brain injury, I am still struggling something fierce but no one will take me seriously because the PTSD. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm a completely different person as a result. How do I get a doctor to take me serious and refer me to a...
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    Study Rare sleep disorder common among veterans with PTSD

    Not a vet, but I suffer from this when I do sleep. It's not uncommon for me to wake up with my head where my feet were
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    Question For College Students With PTSD

    I'm not in college anymore, but one thing I specifically remember is being frustrated at not being able to remember things. I could remember being engaged in classroom discussion and being interested in the topic but for the life of me once I got home couldn't remember the subject matter. It was...
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    News A neat article on heart pain caused by emotional pain

    Having broken my foot recently, I would take that 1000x over versus the chest pain
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    Other Book On Attachment Disorders

    There is a book on attachment disorders that used to be mentioned a lot here and I can't remember the name. I am trying to find it for an adopted, whom to my horror no one has ever addressed with them even though they were adopted from a Ukranian orphanage Sadly their adoptive parents are the...
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    Breaking contact.

    I haven't read the replies but I know my opinion is going to be an unpopular one. If no abuse occured, I would tell the younger brother to never ever give up. Sibling relationships are far too precious to lose hope. It is a shame the older brother has no clue how lucky he is.