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    Relationship Accidentally hurt my fiancée. What to do?

    @throwaway107 Hi and welcome to the forum. You can reach out and ask her what she needs from you. Communication is key to solving any issue in a relationship. How do the two of you normally communicate when one or both people are upset?
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    Relationship It hasn’t been a fairytale in a long time

    @KrystalwithaK sorry your going through this hard time at the moment. As hard as it is, working and focusing on yourself is a great step to take. You’re starting the process of your own journey and personal growth. Putting yourself first with self-care, learning about boundaries and how to set...
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    Relationship Desperately seeking help and understanding

    Yes @Florida2022 I have been there. I felt like I woke up one day and everything changed. Right now try and focus on you and therapy can help you a lot.
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    Relationship No one can relate

    You have a lot going on and I can understand the stress your under. I think therapy would be a good thing for you and trying to let go of the things you can’t control and focus on what you do have control over.
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    Relationship Broken Heart: UPDATE, Alone and wondering if he will come back

    Educating yourself is the best thing you can do. I know it’s hard to stand back, it’s natural to want to help. But the truth is, it’s up to him to fix himself. He has to be the one to do the work. Being a supporter is just that, supporting. If you want to help, taking care of yourself mentally...
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    Relationship Broken Heart: UPDATE, Alone and wondering if he will come back

    Hi @BrokenHeat, I’m also a supporter. I’m more than happy to share my experience. It sounds like we have a lot in common. Having a good relationship with our hubby’s and then bam!! It is very hard right now, you don’t know whether your coming or going. My husband went numb also and didn’t feel...
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    Relationship Broken Heart: UPDATE, Alone and wondering if he will come back

    Hi BrokenHeat, I understand your hurt, confusion and loneliness. I was in the same place 5 years ago. Is your husband in therapy? I know it can sound a little crazy when you hear us say, “you need to put yourself first”. But the truth is, your on a new journey in your life. Part of that journey...
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    Relationship Calling long time supporters! Tips on surviving the early years!!

    I was married for 18 years before PTDS came into my life. Hubby’s a firefighter and it felt like I woke up one day and BAM!!! The first year is definitely the hardest. I agree with @Sweetpea76 .
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    Gaslighting confusion

    I want to make sure I’m understanding before I reply. You sleep better with the Bedroom door close and he likes it open a bit? Do you feel he has always gaslighted you?
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    Relationship WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

    Take a step back and focus on yourself. I know it sounds crazy to say that but the truth is, you only have control over yourself. When we focus on the things we don’t have control over, it brings frustration, depression, anxiety. Understand your needs, desires, focusing on your journey. Let...
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    Can empathy be taught?

    Yes, empathy can be taught to most people. Empathy can be taught from early childhood and up to adulthood. Emotional intelligence can also help with empathy and there are many courses out there. Where I live empathy is taught in schools from Jk to grade 12.
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    General Do men with ptsd want your empathy?

    Empathy is a persons ability to recognize and share the emotions of another person, seeing someone else’s situation from his/her perspective, sharing his/her emotions, including his/her distress. Empathy is stronger and more intimate. “ I feel your pain.” @Sweetpea76 in her example showed...
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    Supporter So is this a place I could talk things out?

    Welcome to the forum, you came to the right place. We are here to listen and support you, your not alone.
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    Relationship Was it her diagnosed complex PTSD that made her act like this?

    I’m sure tomorrow will be hard. Just go in with a plan and stick to it. I understand it’s hard to just walk away, but she has made a choice to end the relationship. Which also means losing you and financial support. You have to look out for you, that’s part of your process of healing from...
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    Relationship Too much to handle

    Hi @Between the Bars, welcome to the forum. I’m glad you found us and please know your not alone. We are here to help support you. I’m sorry your going through a hard time and your feelings are understandable. You in a pretty hard place right now. Please take sometime for yourself and do...