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    Anyone taken Cymbalta/ Duloxetine?

    Been on it for about 6 months, hard switching at first from zoloft, only 2nd one I'm on. Helped lowering chronic pain by 2 points or so, not sure how well it works, since I have problems identifying my mood until I'm well under water, and the I think I'm still treading on top. I was going to...
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    Risky behaviors and cPTSD

    I quite often am my own worst enemy. I have compassion for others but not myself. I pushed almost everyone away from me. I have even found myself with my T justifying and explaining why I deserve/earned/ and own my guilt and shame after we spent an entire session going over why it is not...
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    Rant, not sure where to place

    Quick update, we finally cleared our old house, drove 1000+ plus miles, and have started our next chapter. 1. Wow 3 days to drive, when I was younger I would have made that drive non-stop. 2. We hit the ground running, met some wonderful people who helped us get the kids registered for...
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    Rant, not sure where to place

    @Freida I don't think I'll need those VA benefits yet. MEB 80 DoD and 109 VA. Just waiting for the VA to update my status to vet. Uploaded my 214 my last day AD, on the 23rd. We are road tripping now to the area we hope to settle down in. It's actually pretty amazing we are taking at least...
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    Rant, not sure where to place

    Thanks for thos awesome replies, I needed them this morning as we finish up, and start our new chapter.
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    Rant, not sure where to place

    Ughhh, anxiety, panic, depression, fear, or just plain old procrastination. Well in about an hour and a half, I will be a disabled veteran. In about 12 hours I'll be a homeless disabled veteran. Just need to finish packing and cleaning the house for the inspection tomorrow, so we can start...
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    Breaking the habit of over-explaining

    I definitely can fall into that trap. I'm realizing that many times it has been because I (at least internally) feel that my point has not been acknowledged etc. I also get really bad at questioning my own decisions at times. I can really spiral when I do that to myself. On a side note...
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    Hospitalization has been recommended

    I'm happy you are in a better place. Thank you for sharing.
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    Hospitalization has been recommended

    I took a "crisis vacation" earlier this year, I hadn't made any plans, but I also no longer wanted to live. I learned more about myself while I was there from the psych techs than any of the doctors. By the time of release, I was at a really good point for a live-in intensive outpatient...
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    Despressed and ashamed, leading to being irritable and exhausted

    Sometimes I just take time to be honest with myself. Which I am not too good at, as I learned earlier this year when I took a 2week "crisis vacation". Took me a week in before I realized I was not honest with myself, therefore I was not honest with my providers. I am struggling myself right...
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    General Do men with ptsd want your empathy?

    Even after reading all the great posts, this one is hard for me. I think for me maybe more understanding than empathy. I remember one time in a very heated discussion with my wife I said " I wish I just lost a leg or something else physical that you or someone else could see". I also have a...
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    How to explain to friends when you don't return calls

    That's all good advice from everyone. To update I sent the text and actually made the call last night, 2hour conversation that felt like 15 was good. We made plans to try to get together this fall, covid permitting. Thanks again
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    How to explain to friends when you don't return calls

    @Chris-duck thanks for that input, I didn't even think that way. I appreciate the advice.
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    You Know You Have PTSD When...

    When you're in a dark place and decide that a Dante's inferno inspired tattoo would make a great entire back piece and you start looking for an artist to commission
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    How to explain to friends when you don't return calls

    I have I think like one friend left from my younger years that I have not shut out. I feel bad because I haven't returned his calls recently. I'm just in one of those "just making it through and don't want to talk to people". I have opened up before about PTSD, MDD, suicidal thoughts and...